Finding a new dermatologist is not something to take lightly, but with all of the options available, it can be difficult. How can someone choose the best clinic for their specific needs? It’s about more than just the location of the dermatology clinic in Sterling Heights or Grosse Pointe. Below are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a clinic.

What Types of Procedures and Treatments Are Available?

One of the first and most important things to consider will be the options that are available for treatments through the center. Some might be looking for a cosmetic dermatologist in addition to someone who can help with basic skincare, for example. Always take the time to look at the full range of options, treatments, and features that the clinic has to offer before making a decision.

In some cases, clinics might offer treatments that patients had not considered before, such as ultrasound therapy, EMsculpt, or CoolSculpting, for example. Finding a center that can offer a wide range of treatments will often be the best solution.

Are the Professionals Properly Licensed?

While most people might simply assume that the people who are providing these procedures have proper training and licenses, nothing should be taken for granted. Instead, prospective clients should always look into the medical professionals who are working at the clinic. Check to make sure that they have the training and licensing needed to provide the various treatments and to use the equipment needed for the procedures.

How Much Experience Does the Dermatologist Have?

In addition to the licensing, it’s also important to know how much practical experience the medical professionals have. The dermatology center’s website should have plenty of information on it that can provide potential patients with pertinent information about the doctors that will be working with them.

When it comes to cosmetic dermatology procedures, it’s always best to work with a doctor that truly knows the ins and outs of the various treatments they offer. No one should entrust their body to someone who doesn’t have a wealth of experience.

Do They Offer Free Cosmetic Dermatology Consultations?

Those who are interested in cosmetic dermatology procedures should check to see whether the center can offer a free consultation for the procedure. Examples of cosmetic dermatology procedures include elective procedures, such as Botox®, chemical peels, laser treatments, and other types of anti-aging procedures.

Keep in mind that clinics offering a medical dermatologic evaluation of skin lesions or that are seeking medical advice are considered office visits rather than consultations.

How Well Does the Dermatologist Communicate?

When choosing a specialist for dermatology in Grosse Pointe, it’s important to get a sense of how the team communicates with patients. During the consultation and initial office visits, it should become obvious. Does the doctor take time to explain the procedures, the options, and what the best course of action will be? Do they take the time to answer questions and concerns? Is everything clear regarding billing, appointments, and the like?

If there are communication issues during the initial visits, it’s not likely that things will improve down the road. In those cases, it might be better for the patient to find a different clinic.

Does the Website Have Information, Reviews, and Photos?

Always spend time on the dermatology center’s website to see what it offers. A good website will be easy to navigate and it will have a lot of information about different skin conditions, aging, and the various procedures that are offered. It should give prospective patients the basics they need and should make it easy to set up an appointment to get more information.

Additionally, the site should have before and after photos from work they’ve done with patients. There should be patient reviews on the site, as well. This can help to give people a better understanding of what they can expect if they opt to work with the clinic.

How Is the Customer Service?

Customer service is just as important when seeking help for dermatology in Sterling Heights as it is for any other type of business. Reviews can help to get a better sense of what the customer service is like, as will the initial contact with the clinic. If customer service is lacking, it may be a better idea to seek a different center for treatment. Just as the communication between patients and doctors doesn’t typically improve, neither will poor customer service.

How Are Appointments and Cancellations Handled?

Clinics will often have their own appointment procedures and policies for canceling appointments. Whenever a patient is working with a clinic, they should make it a point to ask about these policies to ensure they understand how the clinic works. Often, the doctors or the front desk will explain this, or it will be covered on their website. If it’s not, patients should ask for clarification.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Depending on the insurance the patient has, some types of procedures might not be covered. If they are considered cosmetic, such as anti-aging treatments, it’s likely that insurance will not provide coverage for them. Patients should always check to see what their insurance will cover before they decide to get a procedure.

Are There Any Financing Options?

Most of the time, the full payment will be due at the time of the procedure if it’s not covered by insurance. Some of the procedures offered through the clinic for dermatology in Grosse Pointe might be out of the immediate price range of some patients since not everything is covered by insurance.

Certain clinics will offer financing options through third-party companies. If the cost of a procedure might be an issue, check to see if the clinic offers any type of financing options.

Although there are many options for dermatology in Sterling Heights, it doesn’t mean that all of those options are created equal. Patients should consider all of the above factors when choosing a clinic, so they can be sure they’re happy with their choice.