One of the most unwanted effects of aging is a reduced metabolism and excess fat that often won’t respond to diet or exercise. At a certain point, it isn’t as easy to take weight off as it might have been when one was younger, and this weight gain can become a constant headache. Additionally, sagging double chins and upper arm fat can be embarrassing and make going out with confidence nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, this nightmare sits way too close to home for people across the globe. While the fat-fighting process associated with natural aging isn’t exactly fun, there are ways to effectively alter the course of this impending reality without excessive diet or exercise (although there is hardly a substitute for these healthy habits). That’s where a trusted dermatologist in Sterling Heights can provide solutions that can address problem areas.

Professional dermatologists spend years learning about skin care and they are trained in a variety of fat removal and reduction procedures. The physicians are highly trained on all things related to the epidermal layer and even the trickiest of aging situations can be resolved with a visit to their office. An initial consult can provide the tools needed to make educated decisions when it comes to slowing down the aging process or reversing its effects. Here are a few procedures (specifically targeting fat reduction) offered by dermatology experts in Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, and beyond.

Kybella Treatment

Convexity is a term often used to refer to the excess “fullness” obtained with age. The most concerning and noticeable area where this symptom comes full circle is the surface directly under the chin. This creates a “double chin” and can truly impact self-esteem and confidence, so seeking help from dermatology professionals in the area is a great idea. While fully reversing this natural phenomenon isn’t possible there are dermatological treatments that can dramatically reduce the appearance of this sagging look.

One such option is the Kybella treatment. This injection-based solution requires extreme vetting before the procedure can be safely performed. Several prior conditions may hinder a patient from qualifying for this treatment, but if deemed medically appropriate, the procedure is minimally invasive and can provide beneficial results.


It’s no secret that the body has a way of changing in appearance as it ages. This is true not just in the area of the “double chin,” but all over the body. With age, the skin simply loses its ability to metabolize quickly and the excess, sagging skin can give off the appearance of extra fat. Unfortunately, once fat cells accumulate it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. While there is no substitute for a healthy, intentioned diet and regular exercise, a dermatologist in Sterling Heights can offer a fat-burning alternative that will yield results at a much faster speed.

CoolSculpting therapies are some of the most popular solutions for this issue. The procedure is now FDA-approved and it is offered almost everywhere including at the dermatologist in Grosse Pointe and Sterling Heights. CoolSculpting therapy is a non-surgical fat removing technique that can melt away fat in moments. In this procedure, stubborn fat cells are frozen and then naturally eliminated from the body. This technique is done without disturbing the fat distribution in the body for a natural, slimming appearance. Dermatologists will use a cooling gel to initiate the freezing and ensure the therapy sits as close to the troublesome spot as possible. A wand connected to a cooling machine is then used to solidify the freeze. The procedure is relatively painless and patients are often back at work or play immediately after. This technique differs dramatically from natural fat burning mechanisms because the fat cells are eliminated whereas with exercise and diet, the cells shrink, but stubbornly remain. Eliminating the cell is the surest way to lose weight and slow down the gaining process.


Patients are eager to hear about EMSCULPT which is a first of its kind treatment. It allows people to lose inches without downtime, needles or pain. A patient will receive a minimum of 4 treatments at 30 minutes each, within 2 weeks. The treatments should be spaced 2-3 days apart. A dermatologist will schedule patients’ procedures, so the patients will receive the muscle contraction treatments at intervals that would be most helpful to them.  With no preparation or recovery time, EMSCULPT can be an excellent choice to firm up one’s appearance. Often from 2-4 weeks after the last treatment, results will become noticeable, and the benefits can continue to build several weeks after treatment concludes.

Consistency is Key

Whether a patient opts for a dermatological procedure or simply wants to try new products, the steps taken after the procedure are just as important as the treatment itself. While many of the procedures offer non-invasive or minimally invasive means to reduce or eliminate fat, it is still important to embrace a healthier lifestyle overall once the procedure is complete. Working on a solid nutrition (focusing on fat-fighting foods) and exercise regimen can pay off tremendously.

A Local Dermatologist is Ready to Help

Scheduling a consultation with a dermatology office in Grosse Pointe can help patients explore their options. The professionals are equipped with the tools and knowledge to properly assess and diagnose the best course of treatment. Most of the time, patients must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a procedure. The dermatologist can ensure no patient is at risk and offer quality solutions that can reduce and eliminate fat on various areas on the body. It’s time to regain some much-deserved confidence and get life back on track. Call a dermatologist to learn more about their highly effective fat reduction methods!