What can patients expect from dermatologists in Sterling Heights and Grosse Pointe? Many know that a dermatologist can treat acne, wrinkles, warts and skin cancer, but there is a much longer list of treatments offered by doctors of dermatology. Here we’ll focus on some treatments people might not know are available from their dermatologist.

Medical Grade Skincare Products and Dermatology in Sterling Heights

Those seeking dermatology in Grosse Pointe or Sterling Heights may be surprised to learn that their doctor is not only able to provide the many different treatments discussed below, but also can ensure that results are as long-lasting as possible through the use of medical grade skincare products.

Consider the difference that an over-the-counter or even a beauty counter’s skin moisturizers might offer versus the effectiveness of a medical grade moisturizer. Almost any product that features ingredients typically available exclusively to medical professionals will provide superior results. This includes anti-aging skincare products, products designed to enhance and promote skin function, and products that will improve texture and tone, as well.

For instance, a patient might obtain some dermatology treatments in Sterling Heights or Grosse Pointe because of skin laxity or loosening due to age or lifestyle. Their decision to get professional dermatology in Grosse Pointe might then allow them to get medical quality products that ensure collagen production is supported, elasticity restored and the sagging or loss of tone reduced through the application of daily treatments.

A doctor of dermatology in Sterling Heights may be able to offer intense moisturizers, vitamin C & E complexes, all-in-one rejuvenation products, retinol treatments, and more.

Dermatology in Grosse Pointe and Alternative Botox Treatments

Someone may want to receive dermatology treatments in Grosse Pointe or Sterling Heights as a way of dealing with the signs of aging on the face. Some of these issues include lines, wrinkles, and “crow’s feet.” Typically, this may mean that Botox is recommended. However, it is also a treatment option for those who suffer a condition known as hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. This is the type of sweating that occurs when it is not hot, and is manifested as a tremendous amount of sweat that typically soaks through the clothing, works through regular antiperspirants in a short time, and may cause sweat to drip on the face or other areas of the body. It is an FDA-approved remedy that an expert in dermatology in Sterling Heights or Grosse Pointe may use for those who suffer the condition in the armpit area (as well as the hands, face, and feet).

Dermatology Doctors in Grosse Pointe & Sterling Heights Can Eliminate Double Chins

Dieting and exercise are excellent for losing weight and achieving well-being. Sometimes there are stubborn parts of the body that don’t react positively to eating right and increased activity. For those who wish to see their double chins turned back into “single chins,” dermatologists in Sterling Heights and Grosse Pointe have the option known as Kybella. This is the only FDA approved treatment for reducing or even eliminating the fat beneath the chin area. It is more formally described as improving the appearance of moderate to severe fullness (also called convexity) associated with submental fat in adults.

And for those who think it might be a laser or other invasive treatment done by experts in dermatology in Sterling Heights, it is not. It is administered as a series of targeted injections that work to destroy fat cells and gradually trim the area beneath the chin. An outpatient treatment, most can have it done by their Grosse Pointe dermatologist and head back to work or enjoy a quiet afternoon of rest.

Other Beneficial Treatments Offered by Dermatologists in Sterling Heights & Grosse Pointe

There are many other beneficial treatments and remedies that a dermatologist in Grosse Pointe may offer. For example, many never realize that it is a dermatologist and not a foot doctor who will address the issue of nail fungus best. This is because a dermatologist can diagnose the fungus fully, how to prevent it from spreading, and then how best to treat it. This might mean creams or laser treatments, and multiple modalities may be used to get optimal results.

Many are unaware that a Grosse Pointe area dermatologist is also the best provider of treatment for “poisonous plant dermatitis,” or in the more common vernacular – allergic reactions to plants like poison ivy, sumac, and others. Those who suffer harsh reactions to exposure to roots or plants may think that heading to a doctor’s office or walk-in treatment facility is best. However, the professional in dermatology in Sterling Heights is going to be able to target the source of the allergy and offer the patient the ideal prescription-strength cream (and sometimes administer a cortisone shot or prescription medication if a reaction is severe enough), enabling a patient to deal with the issue far more effectively.

Dermatologists in Grosse Pointe & Sterling Heights can also look at the face of a patient and best understand such things as facial aging. This can enable a customized treatment plan to be developed and for any number of anti-aging, tone-improving, and skin health options to be used.

Facial mapping is sometimes available from the very best in dermatology in Sterling Heights and Grosse Pointe. This can then enable the doctor to offer treatments that will provide resurfacing (like peels or microneedling), injectables that will fill, stimulate new collagen development, and minimize any future aging. They may even have lasers and other treatments that can erase age spots and provide remedies to lesser known problems, including rosacea, sun damage, and more.

Always work with specialists and experts in dermatology in Grosse Pointe or Sterling Heights to find the many unique treatments described here, and to address almost any skin issue.