Dermatology has long been respected as one of the most specialized branches of medicine. Medical students working on their dermatology residencies are the best of the best, and this area is extremely competitive. Extensive knowledge, research, and diagnostic and treatment skills are required to complete a residency. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university, a four year medical degree and a three year residency are the qualifications necessary to become a dermatologist. And even with all of this advanced study and preparation, only the very finest doctors can get a position in the field. These factors should give patients peace of mind, as the rigorous training process assures that their dermatologist will be able to provide exceptional care.

That said, most people in the general populace don’t plan a regular trip to the dermatologist. Unlike routine check-ups for women’s health or a regular physical exam, dermatology is simply not top of mind for most patients. Instead, some people may try at-home remedies to help heal skin problems. The advanced knowledge that a doctor of dermatology can offer, can help uncover underlying causes of skin issues, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment.

In all, there is simply no substitute for dealing with skin issues at an early age. Getting on a solid skin care routine and consciously protecting the skin with hats, sunscreen, and other protective mechanisms throughout the years can do wonders for the look and feel of the skin’s vitality and glow. However, as the aging process takes hold, a trip to the dermatologist may be all the more urgent. New lines and wrinkles begin to form and the skin begins to look flat and discolored. A trip to the dermatologist simply can’t be avoided after forty. Here are four good reasons to visit the skin care doctors at Grosse Pointe after age 40.

Risk Assessments Can Save Lives

The first and most obvious reason a trip to the dermatologist is so necessary after forty is that years of sun and environmental exposure can really impact the skin’s health. Patients who have never had an overall skin health diagnosis may be surprised to learn some of the issues that have accumulated through the years.

A professionally trained dermatologist can treat anything from minor sun damage and excessive dryness to oily, irritated skin. A little bit of guidance can dramatically improve appearance. Sometimes a patient is seen for more serious issues, such as a skin cancer screening. The doctor of dermatology is uniquely qualified (versus individuals trying to self-diagnose) to examine patients’ skin. He or she will know what to look for; such as unusual changes in a mole, cuts that don’t heal, and more. Through this advanced knowledge, the doctor can help the patient by providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Skin Loses Luster With Age

Another reason many people seek the help of a dermatologist as they get older is the noticeable loss in bounce and vitality of the skin’s surface. These changes to the skin’s firmness can be due to a variety of factors including smoking, sun exposure (real and artificial), and the natural impact of aging. In more scientific terms, the skin is ultimately deficient in a variety of proteins required for that youthful glow. Collagen production is dramatically reduced and this tissue is what gives the skin its elasticity and charm. However, as the skin’s appearance begins to dull and sag an alarming and overwhelming feeling begins to take hold and many people seek help returning to that youthful state.

Cosmetic dermatology experts in Sterling Heights offer a variety of solutions for loss of plumpness. Volumizing fillers like Sculptra Aesthetic, Voluma XC, and Restylane Lyft are proven products that help with this common skin issue. The products work by injecting lost collagen back into the facial muscles restoring that youthful appeal. Best of all, this solution can last anywhere from one to five years, so the long-term results are fabulous.

Skin Discoloration Issues Can Be Solved

Discoloration of the skin is another famous mark of aging. Sun spots, brown spots, and overall pigmentation issues become more complex with age. Increased melanin is the primary cause of many discoloration issues. These problems can be fixed by a variety of timeless solutions.

For one, reduced sun exposure can help significantly. Other approaches include topical creams with skin lightening ingredients like retinoids, vitamin C, and azelaic acid help tremendously. Still more, treatments like chemical peels, laser therapy, and microdermabrasion are non-invasive and extremely effective in reducing discoloration. Skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe are experts in this area and can offer suggestions on the best corrective techniques for each situation. It is likely that patients will be able to easily get treatments for discoloration on the spot.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Can Be Erased

Fine lines and wrinkles are another natural part of the aging process. Unfortunately, there is no natural way to reverse them, but that’s where a dermatologist can recommend appropriate treatments, such as a Botox procedure. Many in Detroit have embraced Botox as it is quite safe, and offers results that can last for several months. Doctors of dermatology offer expertise in this procedure.  Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. In this way, some of the more natural expressions that cause creasing and wrinkles are reduced. Failure to use these muscles results in a more relaxed look and an overall youthful complexion.

Over 40? Benefit from a Visit to a Dermatologist!

At forty, it’s high time to visit a trusted skin care doctor. Taking care of the skin is so important and is not something to be overlooked, especially as one gets older. Visiting with the professionals can put one’s mind at ease and offer invaluable insight towards a healthier skin care regimen. Healthy, happy skin is a lifelong process, but a goal worth fighting for!