Vi Peel®Chemical peels are one of the most popular skin care treatments, working to remove the skin’s damaged outer layers to reveal the smooth, vibrant skin beneath. However, they can leave patients with some degree of pain or discomfort and can even require a short recovery period. For those looking for a simpler way to achieve healthy skin, the Vi Peel® offers a unique option. Take a look at some reasons why you should look into this procedure.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vi Peel®

  • There is no pain involved. While traditional chemical peels can leave patients with stinging and irritation, the Vi Peel® is a virtually painless procedure. Some patients may experience a slight stinging during this peel, but it is very mild and typically subsides in just seconds.
  • No skin preparation is required. If you decide to undergo a chemical peel, you will have to prepare your skin in the weeks leading up to the procedure. This can include cleansing skin twice a day, using sunscreen, applying moisturizer and more as recommended by your dermatologist. The Vi Peel® requires no skin preparation, making it ideal for those with busy and active lifestyles.
  • There’s no downtime associated with this procedure. Swelling from a chemical peel can often last for up to a week, which can hold people back from immediately returning to their daily routines.  The Vi Peel® requires no downtime, allowing patients to get back to their daily lives more quickly. Though skin will start to peel after three days, moisturizer can help improve the appearance of skin during this time.
  • Provides lasting results in just one session. Though patients often undergo routine Vi Peel® treatments to prolong and enhance results, results are noticeable after just one 20-minute session. Results can be long-lasting as well, provided patients care for their skin following this peel.

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