Dermatology is a well-respected medical specialty. This highly-competitive field is important for the treatment and prevention of common skin disorders. In fact, many dermatologists are well-known for treating deadly skin issues like cancerous moles and pocks. A routine checkup with a dermatologist can ultimately save a life.

While this facet of general dermatology is highly respected, the field is even more far-reaching than it seems on the surface. Not only do dermatologists help with many worrisome skin cases, but many find gratification in helping patients handle cosmetic issues to boost their self-esteem and confidence. A cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit can treat a variety of skin conditions that can be chronic in nature and make a person self-conscious. Treating skin disorders is one of many capabilities of dermatologists, and patients who struggle with skin discoloration, aging marks, or acne can attest to the strength of these services. Let’s take a look at four troublesome skin conditions that can be treated with a visit to a cosmetic dermatologist.

Rosacea & Other Discoloration

Rosacea is a common skin condition marked by red, blotchy skin. This inflammation can sometimes look like a natural blush, but the redness can be escalated with sun exposure, heat, humidity, and sometimes in reaction to various food items. Extreme cases can sometimes formulate small pockets of puss looking more rash prone or acne-like in nature. At its root, rosacea occurs when the blood vessels become inflamed. What causes this inflammation is still a mystery, but the various types of rosacea and the level of severity can run the gamut from patient to patient. In all, rosacea is an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that many patients are more than anxious to get rid of.

Cosmetic dermatologists can assess and treat even the most severe rosacea symptoms. There are many natural remedies for rosacea, but a patient in need of further treatment will find comfort with the expertise and treatment options offered by a skin care expert. A variety of topical medications can be prescribed to assist with discoloration and pocks. Additional treatments may require more structured visits and include things like laser treatment (used to shrink blood vessels) and possible surgery for more extreme cases.

Acne Issues

Acne is a big struggle for many people of all ages. While this skin condition is most common during times of changing hormones and the teenage years, acne often persists into adulthood for certain skin types. Correcting acne is tricky and requires a professional consultation for the best results. If acne is not resolved quickly it can lead to larger problems so visiting a cosmetic dermatologist in the area is a great first step.

A professional can prescribe topical creams or serums that help with each case of acne. A daily oral prescription can also help ease some of the symptoms.  In cases where acne scarring is prevalent, light therapies, laser treatment, or strong solutions like chemical peels or micro-needling will be suggested by many dermatologists. Of course, the dermatologist will be able to direct the patient towards an appropriate course of action suited to each unique skin type.

Wart Treatments

Warts are another common skin condition that can be embarrassing and hard to manage without professional help. Warts are contagious and can easily spread if not treated quickly and effectively. The main cause of warts stems from the human papillomavirus which usually enters the body from a cut or abrasion and via skin to skin contact.

A dermatologist can usually assist with ridding the hands and feet of warts using a variety of treatment methods. Cryotherapy is the most popular option. Cryotherapy enlists the help of liquid nitrogen in ridding the body of warts. Liquid nitrogen serves as a burning agent and eliminates the root of the wart. It is probably the most effective and long-term solution. Cantharidin is another popular treatment option. This chemical is used to create a large blister underneath the wart. The blister slowly and surely pushes the wart away effectively removing it. When using cantharidin as opposed to cryotherapy several sessions are usually required. Either way, visiting with a dermatologist is the best way to assess and determine treatment options.

Anti-Aging Solutions

Signs of aging are the most common reasons to visit a cosmetic dermatologist. After all, dermatologists specialize in confidence-boosting treatments that can help reduce age-related lines, wrinkles and fat deposits. Discoloration of the skin is another sign of aging. Sun spots, brown spots, and overall pigmentation issues become more noticeable with the years. After years of sun exposure, this unwanted discoloration is often due to an increase in melanin. While staying out of the sun is one common sense solution, working with a skin care expert can open the door to a variety of topical creams that include spot fighting ingredients like retinoids and azelaic acid. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are additional options.

That said, discoloration isn’t the only aging concern of patients choosing to seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist.  Fine lines and wrinkles can also be addressed. With age, the body does not produce as much collagen leading to a loss of elasticity introducing the overall appearance of unwanted wrinkles. A professional can use a variety of neurotoxin injections (the most common is Botox) to address some of these avid concerns. Botox and other similar injections work by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. When this happens, the muscles are not able to flex creating the illusion of a firmer, smoother complexion and an overall youthful look. This cosmetic solution does wonders and is considered by many patients across the globe.

Visit a Trusted Detroit Cosmetic Dermatology Office

Cosmetic dermatology offers many solutions for patients fighting embarrassing or uncomfortable skin conditions. With the right advice and treatment plan confidence can be restored. Visiting with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit is a great first step towards positive results.