nordlysWhile most people will visit a skin care specialist at some point of their life, this doesn’t typically occur unless they have a problem. Most commonly, dermatologists are contacted for anti-aging procedures, but they can also be sought after for a string of dermal defects. When having a dermal issue, it is important to have a dermatologist on hand, as receiving immediate treatment may become a pressing matter from time to time. While many people spend hours at their dermatologist in Sterling Heights, not many are aware of all the procedures they offer. The following are the top 4 things you didn’t know your skin care doctor can do.


Help With Fine Lines

As we age, fine lines are inevitable. The appearance of fine lines on the face and the neck can easily be reversed with injectable fillers. Injectables provide individuals with a non-invasive and affordable option for reversing the signs of aging. Getting a filler treatment will not only make you look more youthful but you’ll feel great as well.

Help With Excess Sweating

Everyone has their own individual issues when it comes to skin, which is why the term dermatology covers a vast amount of procedures. Hyperhidrosis is the over-stimulation of the sweat gland, which causes people to sweat profusely throughout their day. Having hyperhidrosis can negatively impact a person’s life, especially when working in a professional setting. While it is inconvenient to have this condition, it is easily treated by receiving Botox injections. Taking care of this issue with injectables will give you more confidence and help you to look and feel better. Skin care specialists can offer quick, easy, and efficient results to patients living with hyperhidrosis by suggesting that they have Botox injections rendered to their problem areas.

Prescribe Medication

Like any other doctor, a skin care specialist can prescribe medication to their patients. However, they are mostly going to stick with prescribing skin-related medications. Individuals who have extra-sensitive skin can benefit from speaking to their doctor, as they can recommend and prescribe soaps and creams that will soothe and not irritate sensitive skin. More than that, however, dermatologists can prescribe patients with medication that can help with an array of dermal needs.

Chemical Peels

While receiving a chemical peel may sound invasive, it can actually be a very pleasant procedure. In fact, it is recommended that people receive a chemical peel at the change of every season, as temperature changes can have negative effects on skin. Many people may seek the expertise of an esthetician for this procedure, but skin care specialists can also issue chemical peels. Many people choose to combine chemical peel treatments with injectable fillers for a smooth and rejuvenated appearance that makes them look younger, more vibrant, and more beautiful.