The popularity of injectable fillers is on the rise — millions of non-invasive cosmetic procedures are performed in the United States each year, and soft-tissue fillers like BOTOX® Cosmetic are overwhelmingly the most common. Many people are interested in getting BOTOX® for the first time, but with so many different types of health practitioners claiming they can work anti-wrinkle magic, finding a provider can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the reality is that many providers are not equipped to provide safe and effective BOTOX® treatment, and it’s hard to know who to trust.  Medical spas, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists all claim to provide excellent treatment options, but with so many available choices, there are a few things to keep in mind when finding the right type of provider.


Choose a Qualified Physician


Finding a qualified Detroit BOTOX® provider isn’t difficult – it just takes a little research. First and foremost, make sure the provider is qualified. It might seem obvious to choose a trained and board-certified physician for a sterile medical procedure involving injections in the brow region, but in practice, that doesn’t always happen. As injectables have become more popular, so have unqualified providers who lack the proper training and experience. Choosing a board-certified dermatologist, rather than another type of clinician, can be the difference between a positive and negative outcome.


When selecting a provider, the most important consideration is to make sure he or she is board-certified. Board-certified dermatologists are properly trained to perform injectable procedures. A skilled dermatologist will be able to advise patients as to which procedures will achieve desired results. A physician who understands anatomy will know exactly where muscles need to be injected; this determination is made on a case-by-case basis because each patient’s facial muscles are unique. Since the size and shape of muscles vary from person to person, only a qualified physician can target those muscles appropriately.


A reputable board-certified physician who is well-trained in facial anatomy can also handle any complications should anything go wrong. Complications are rare, but they do happen. Board-certified dermatologists have the medical training to manage any issues that might come up during or after injection.


Because injectable fillers require regular maintenance and follow-up appointments, finding a doctor that can provide continuing care for the long haul is important. Ideally, patients should choose a physician to whom they feel comfortable returning for subsequent visits.



Dermatologist Versus Plastic Surgeon?


When choosing between a board-certified dermatologist and a plastic surgeon, most experts agree that both dermatologists and plastic surgeons are equally qualified to administer age-fighting injectables like BOTOX®, but considering a patient’s individual long-term treatment goals is the key to making a good decision.


If a patient is considering other procedures on top of injectables, choosing between a dermatologist and plastic surgeon may become an important consideration. It can be particularly helpful to see a dermatologist to explore a range of non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. Because dermatologists don’t perform cosmetic surgeries, they often offer a greater range of non-surgical alternatives, including injectable fillers, ultrasound treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. Dermatologists are also better versed in discussing follow-up skincare. A cosmetic dermatologist in Sterling Heights can determine which treatment options are available to each patient.



Physician as Treatment Provider


Ideally, a dermatologist should be the one handling the actual treatment procedure, and at the very least, he or she should be on site should any medical complications arise. Patients should be wary of medical spas and other offices that offer injectable treatments but don’t actually have a qualified physician in-house. What’s more, some spas or salons are supervised by a physician with little to no actual training in aesthetic medicine or surgery. Patients should also be wary of nurse practitioners or physician assistants who are not directly affiliated with a physician practice. Providers who are not affiliated with a doctor’s office may not be properly trained; to be safe, these types of practitioners should have physician oversight and supervision. A patient should not have to assume the risks involved with lower-skilled providers; a skincare doctor in Grosse Pointe will be able to discuss his or her qualifications with interested patients.


Find a Physician with a Proven Track Record


Dermatologists can produce beautiful results when it comes to facial rejuvenation through BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, but because each physician has an individual technique and a varying level of skill, results can vary widely. Patients should be sure that the physician they select produces results they like before committing to treatment. Most physicians who perform BOTOX® treatments have photos of past procedures they’ve done, or “before and after” photos so that patients can evaluate for themselves what will likely be the end result of their treatment. Patients should choose a physician that makes them comfortable and whose outcome they appreciate.


Watch for Red Flags


When choosing a BOTOX® provider in Detroit, it’s very important to know what red flags to look out for. Red flags can be universal or based on the individual patient. For instance, lacking board certification should be an automatic red flag for anyone, but a surgeon’s style can resonate with one patient and not with another. A gut feeling is important; patients should trust their instincts when meeting providers, in addition to doing their research.


Individualized Results


At the end of the day, a board-certified skincare doctor in Grosse Pointe can help patients achieve the results they want. The key is finding the physician who is best suited to a patient’s individual needs. A cosmetic dermatology provider in Sterling Heights who is well-trained and experienced in BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment can provide the right results for each patient.