winter skinWith its dry air, frigid temperatures and cold winds, winter can be unforgiving on the skin. Itchy, dry, cracked skin and chapped lips go hand in hand with snowy weather during the winter months. Luckily, those who live in colder climates don’t have to suffer through the cold snap. Follow these tips to find relief and keep skin in great condition until spring arrives.

Winter Skin Survival Guide

  • Monitor skin conditions: If you have an existing skin condition, such as eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, you may not know that winter weather can exacerbate the problem. The best way to prevent and manage flare-ups is to closely monitor skin for any signs of the condition. It is also important to keep regular appointments with your dermatologist and stay up to date on any medications or treatments.
  • Moisturize: The best defense against cold, dry weather is a moisturizing regimen. Keep skin supple and soft by regularly applying moisturizer all over the body, paying extra attention to the face, lips, hands and elbows, as these spots tend to dry out the quickest. If you find that your usual moisturizer isn’t as effective in the winter, consider switching to an oil-based formula. Not only will this keep skin looking and feeling its best, it will also prevent peeling and cracking, which can lead to irritation and infection.
  • Combat dry air: Whether outdoors or inside, it can be tough to escape dry air in the winter. Dry air is the culprit that saps moisture from skin, leaving it toughened and irritated. Try to limit time spent outdoors and consider using a humidifier to combat dry air inside the home.
  • Apply sunscreen: Yes, even in winter, sunscreen needs to be applied daily. Not only does sunscreen protect skin from harmful sun damage, it is an additional source of moisture.

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