Most people want to avoid looking older at all costs. It is the main reason why many people end up seeking out a dermatologist. Men and women alike are on the hunt for the latest and greatest anti-aging procedures that will reduce the signs of wrinkles and freshen up their skin tone.

There are so many options nowadays, a patient would have a hard time choosing which is best for them out of the long list of anti-aging procedures. The right dermatologist can help walk patients through the many treatment options; which include things like resurfacing, peels, and injections. This list was created to help people better understand the procedures that can be performed and the anti-aging products which are available in the dermatologist’s office.

1)   Retinoid Creams

Topical retinoid products, which are derived from vitamin A, can be found on many drug store shelves around the country. However, for those people that see little results with over-the-counter products, seeing a dermatologist in Sterling Heights may be the better option. There are medical-grade, physician dispensed retinols that can be purchased in the office, or prescription retinoid products, most notably Retin-A, that pack a powerful anti-aging punch than what can be found in the beauty aisle.

2) Peptide Creams

These topical application creams are created from amino acids, and they are used to decrease the appearance of fine lines on the face. Peptide creams work by encouraging the collagen production within the skin. There are over-the-counter versions of peptide creams available, but again they don’t work as powerfully as those that come from a dermatology office.

3) CoolSculpting 

While this procedure is generally praised as a way to look slimmer and more toned, these effects can also translate well into anti-aging. CoolScultping is a process that can selectively target and eliminate the fat cells under the skin while being non-invasive and relatively painless. As people age, they tend to develop more stubborn pockets of fat in key areas, such as the arms, abdomen or flanks, that take away from the ability to maintain a more sculpted body. CoolSculpting can help eliminate those fat pockets and restore a healthy, younger-looking appearance.

This procedure is non-surgical, and it doesn’t require any downtime. While it produces amazing results in fat reduction, there is no risk of infection or scarring like there is with surgical fat removal procedures.

4) Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dermatologists in Sterling Heights and beyond use a series of high-intensity laser treatments to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles during a laser skin resurfacing procedure. There are various styles and intensities of treatment. Some of them are more superficial, and others can work deep inside the skin layers.

Generally, the side effects of this type of anti-aging procedure will cause the skin to redden for a few days. However, for some people, especially those that underwent an aggressive treatment, the redness may last a full two weeks. The anti-aging results can last for quite some time, although the use of  good skincare and sunscreen is required to achieve more longevity.

5) Chemical Peels

Chemical peels offer anti-aging benefits as well as the ability to relieve the appearance of acne scars and other discolorations. Peels are particularly helpful for an overall healthy and fresh-looking complexion. A chemical peel works by removing the outermost layers of skin to encourage new and smooth skin texture and tone.

After a cosmetic dermatologist performs a chemical peel, a patient can expect the skin to be more even in tone as well as softer and more youthful looking. These results often last for a few months, if the peel was mild, or up to a few years for the more intense peels. For the best results, a series of 3 treatments in a row is recommended for more lasting results.

6) Botox Injections 

Botulinum toxin, casually known as Botox, is one of the most commonly used anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights. Patients love this minimally invasive injection process because it offers dramatic results almost immediately. The medication  temporarily deactivates some of the tiny muscles in the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles like crow’s feet or frown lines.

The results of the injections tend to last a substantial amount of time, oftentimes creating a youthful appearance for up to six months. The injections are safe to be repeated as often as necessary.

7) Fillers

Fillers are another popular type of anti-aging procedure that can be injected in a similar fashion to Botox. These fillers add volume to the skin which reduces the appearance of wrinkles while working to make the skin look more youthful.

Some of the more popular filler injectables include Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane and Sculptra. Dermatologists will help patients decide which of the filler options is best for their individual needs.

8) Microneedling 

This anti-aging procedure uses tiny needles to create pinpricks on the skin. The needles are in a device called Rejuvapen, and it is applied all over the face on the skin. It is used to treat imperfections such as scars, oversized pores, and wrinkles. Even though it causes bleeding and uses needles, it is a minimally-invasive procedure.

Microneedling only takes just over an hour total, and that includes the preparation before and after the treatment. It should always be performed by a board-certified dermatologist, and most patients need at least four separate treatments to see more significant results. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can also be applied as the skin is perforated to encourage faster healing,  with more improvement and collagen stimulation.

Find a Dermatologist in Grosse Pointe

For those seeking Botox injections, microneedling, or any of the other anti-aging procedures mentioned here, there are various healthcare providers in Grosse Pointe, Sterling Heights, and surrounding areas with the necessary expertise. These dedicated dermatologists can also offer an individualized anti-aging treatment plan to deal with the problem areas.

There is no reason for any person to feel like they must resign themselves to growing old and losing that youthful glow that brings confidence. Many anti-aging procedures are safe, effective, and affordable enough to give anyone a fighting chance at preventing and decreasing the signs of aging.

Request a Consultation with a Local Dermatologist

Patients seeking anti-aging treatments to manage wrinkles and fine lines can request a consultation at their dermatologist to learn more about each procedure and to choose the right one for their individual skincare needs. An experienced dermatologist in Sterling Heights or Grosse Pointe can help patients with customized treatment plans. Not only will patients be able to look younger, they can gain a new feeling of self-confidence, too.