Botox injections in Sterling Heights are the ideal solution for making a person look younger and feel great about their appearance. This approved cosmetic option reduces neck wrinkles, crow’s feet, and frown lines. However, many people are nervous about this procedure or have questions about it before they try it for the first time. This article will discuss Botox injections, thoroughly to disprove misconceptions, and help Sterling Heights residents decide if the treatment is right for them or not.

The Doctor Matters

First, the needle used for the treatment is extremely thin. It is injected into specific muscles in the face, which may produce slight discomfort. However, when the correct dermatologist is chosen, the procedure is quick and relatively pain-free.

When done correctly, Botox injections in Sterling Heights do not require any anesthetic prior to the treatment, minimizing the discomfort of the overall procedure. An additional benefit to a properly performed procedure is that the recovery is immediate. There is little to no downtime, and in most cases, the individual is able to return to work or partake in regular activities the same day. Taking the time to find the best dermatologist in your area can make this type of treatment an ideal option.

Don’t be Left with Unwanted Results

In inexperienced hands, aside from causing pain, this treatment can leave the patient with an undesirable facial expression. It is usually a frozen-like appearance or a surprised look that appears unnatural. This outcome is not what people look for when they choose this treatment and needless to say, it leaves them disappointed and displeased with the experience. These treatments should be done with care and precision. The doctor must take the time to consult with each patient about what it is they are attempting to achieve from the procedure. In doing so, patients can rest assured that they’ll get the natural-looking results that they want.

Consider Ultherapy 

This ultrasound treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. Thus, this option is likely a good fit if the patient has anxiety about needles. This is a common concern for many patients, making Ultherapy an ideal option in many cases. Ultherapy is a time-tested, FDA-cleared method that lifts and tightens skin naturally, through the use of ultrasound energy. In addition, it can be useful for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is often done on areas such as the neck, brow, chest, and under the chin.

A reputable dermatologist can perform these and other procedures to give the patient a more youthful appearance. Results will vary from person to person, but the doctor will alert each patient to side-effects so that patients can make an informed decision about which method is right for them.