Rosacea Grosse pointe dermatology michigan

Rosacea, or Acne Rosacea is a chronic skin condition of the face and sometimes of the eyes most typically starting over age 30 although it can sometimes overlap teenage and young adult acne. It often presents as redness of the nose and cheeks and patient may develop pumps and pimples as well.

Rosacea Symptoms

FACIAL REDNESS: This presents as easy flushing and persistent redness. This may be worsened by sun exposure, certain foods and exposure to heat and humidity.

PUSTULES AND PAPULE: These raised pimples can accompany facial redness.

SKIN THICKENING: Sometimes the skin of the nose may thicken with long standing rosacea. This happens more frequently in men.

EYE IRRITATION: This is known as ocular rosacea and give the eye a bloodshot appearance and present with a burning or stinging sensation and dryness of the eye.

Rosacea Treatment

LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT: The daily use of sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater helps ease facial redness. Limiting exposure to wind, hot weather, hot showers or hot baths is helpful. Consuming alcohol or spicy foods may also flare the condition so these should be consumed in moderation.

MEDICATIONS: There are various topical prescription medication that are used to treat rosacea helping both redness and pustules. In more extensive disease and oral antibiotic may be prescribed to enhance results.

LASERS: For the chronic redness, lasers may be used to eliminate the surface blood vessels that cause redness