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What is Emsculpt, and How Does it Work?

Emsculpt is a body contouring treatment that is a relatively recent and technologically enhanced treatment type that is designed to firm up different parts of the skin. It’s a non-invasive toning procedure that has been making waves within the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology in Detroit. Patients can tone their muscles, reduce body [...]

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What are the Best Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Procedures in Sterling Heights?

As people get older and see the physical changes their bodies are going through, particularly the face and skin, they will understandably desire to do anything to preserve a youthful appearance. As the aging process accelerates, the body loses subcutaneous fat, leading to wrinkles. Furthermore, damage caused by long-term exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays [...]

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Everything to Know About the Botulinum Toxin’s Uses for Cosmetic and More

Approximately 4.4 million cosmetic injections were administered in 2020 alone! That is a total of 459% increase from the year 2000. Botox injections in Sterling Heights do wonders for blurring out forehead wrinkles and unwanted eyebrow furrows, but there's a lot more that one can achieve from this injectable than just beauty. There are other [...]

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Dermal Fillers: Top 8 Things to Know Before You Schedule an Appointment

Human bodies are prone to change. It is only natural. As they grow older, they begin to show signs of aging, such as wrinkles, lowered cheekbones, and dark spots. It’s safe to say that the high point of one's beauty begins to take a back seat as they age. Dermal fillers, however, can prolong one's [...]

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What Should Be Expected During a Consultation for Cosmetic Dermatology in Sterling Heights?

Cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights is a big step for people wanting to slow down the aging process and maintain the most youthful look possible. No procedure should take place without having a proper sitdown with a professional who can detail the risks and benefits, balancing the possibilities where patients understand what they’re getting into [...]

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Skin; The Most Underrated Human Organ

Skin could be the most underrated organ in the human body because one only notices it when it’s abnormal. Perfect skin is, metaphorically speaking, invisible; it’s not seen. But things like scars and bruises are noticed right away. It’s only when things go wrong that one looks at their skin and goes: “Oh, that’s weird.” [...]

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Daily Routine, Tips, & Natural Remedies for Glowing Skin

It doesn't take a magic trick to get beautiful skin; it's only a matter of daily routine and using the right products. Whether you want to slow down natural wrinkles, get rid of acne or reduce skin flare-ups, there are multiple simple methods you can easily follow at home to maintain the youthful, perfect skin [...]

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EmSculpt: Working Out While Laying Down

It’s been said ad nauseam that the only natural way to obtain an ideal body (by modern standards) is to have a healthy diet and exercise. Even then, the results will only reveal themselves after months of hard work. It requires a will greater than most people could muster. That’s why not everyone is a [...]

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Ways to Have the Most Beautiful Skin

Numerous myths about immortality, healing waters, and the tree of life explain man's eternal desire for lasting beauty. Despite all our efforts and wishes, no one has found the true secrets of eternity, but science has made countless achievements towards creating more attractive faces and bodies. Nowadays, chemistry and technology are making numerous skincare products. [...]

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Skin Care & Mental Health: The Connection

The correlation between skincare and mental health is a very controversial topic. So much so that it draws our attention away from the science behind facial routines and instead focuses on how these routines can benefit mental health. Most people don’t know that our skin has an uncanny ability to reveal how we're feeling on [...]

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