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Learn More About the Different Forms of Sun Poisoning & How to Treat Them

Exposing the skin for extended periods, while unprotected by sunscreen, can harm it in a multitude of ways ranging from premature aging to skin cancer. Another condition called photodermatoses is also a dangerous effect of prolonged time in the sun, but it isn’t as commonly discussed. Photodermatoses is often referred to as sun poisoning, and [...]

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A Guide to Treating Rosacea Through Cosmetic Dermatology

 For many, the redness caused by rosacea can be quite embarrassing. There seems to be no particular trigger, even when the skin is clear upon waking, just stepping outside can cause redness. Other times, people find that their skin simply turns red and stays red with only the slightest reason. This redness is difficult to [...]

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8 Ways a Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Help People Look Younger

The skincare experts that practice dermatology can often be thought of as magicians. With a wave of a wand and a few magical ingredients, they can help people look younger and more refreshed. While it isn’t actually magic, cosmetic dermatologists can perform procedures that are quick and relatively painless to leave the skin looking brighter [...]

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