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10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Botox Injections

So, you're thinking about getting Botox injections in Michigan? The famous injectable botulinum toxin removes wrinkles by briefly paralyzing muscles in your face. Botox was perhaps the most popular aesthetic procedure in 2018. In addition to the fact that the outcomes are fantastic, the downtime is almost insignificant, and the side effects (whenever done effectively) [...]

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Skin Treatment Options to Combat the Effects of Ageing

The natural process of ageing for the most part produces lines and wrinkles, age spots, splotches and pigmentation issues, broken vessels, dull skin surface and shading, and other skin problems. Ageing skin can cause previously appealing features, like a mole or pigmentation, to look unappealing. Similarly, beforehand unnoticeable features, such as scars, can become more [...]

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The Top 15 Benefits of Cosmetic Dermatology

Are you wondering if cosmetic dermatology is for you? If so, you aren't alone. In recent years, cosmetic dermatology has become more and more popular to correct the effects of aging on the skin. But what exactly does "cosmetic dermatology" mean? It's pretty simple – cosmetic dermatology is just a fancy term that refers to [...]

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Seven Great Skincare Treatments

Becoming older is an undeniable part of human life. And with increased age and experience comes physical changes as well. Our bodies turn less agile, and we may develop multiple aches and pains. Our hair turns silver, and yes, our skin begins to wrinkle. As much as we all love the maturity and experience of [...]

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Skin Conditions/Symptoms That May Require Professional Help

Skin conditions are one of the most common reasons for visiting an expert in  dermatology. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is also the one most exposed to the outside world, so it's not shocking that skin issues are so normal. A skin condition is a medical issue that begins in, [...]

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10 Tips to Choose the Best Dermatology Provider in Grosse Pointe

Finding a new dermatologist is not something to take lightly, but with all of the options available, it can be difficult. How can someone choose the best clinic for their specific needs? It’s about more than just the location of the dermatology clinic in Sterling Heights or Grosse Pointe. Below are some of the most [...]

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Best Reasons to Consider Botox® in Sterling Heights

Many people consider getting Botox injections in Sterling Heights to help them achieve a more youthful appearance. However, others might still be on the fence about getting this type of treatment. They may not be certain that it’s worth their time and money, and they may not know whether it’s a safe option for them [...]

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The Most Important Things to Know About EMsculpt

Many people would like to have a fit and toned physique. However, they might have issues dealing with some of the trouble spots on their body. They aren’t able to get the sculpted physique they want. It can feel frustrating. Fortunately, there are options available that can help. EMsculpt can be a wonderful choice for [...]

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Top Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dermatology in Sterling Heights

Many people aren’t happy in their own skin for one reason or another. Perhaps they have acne or blemishes they wish would go away. Maybe they are looking for a way to remove some of the fine lines that have been making them look and feel older than they are. They might want to improve [...]

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Best Reasons to Find a Clinic for Dermatology in Sterling Heights

Taking good care of the skin and nails is important, but there are often problems that can’t simply be treated with home remedies, and they do not often go away on their own. Working with a dermatology clinic in Grosse Pointe can help people to find the help they need to deal with a wide [...]

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