neck image 2Neck wrinkles develop more and more over the course of aging.  This is a natural process that everyone must be prepared to deal with, in one way or another.   Why is it that neck wrinkles are so common?  Wrinkles tend to first develop where the skin is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment, therefore making prevention an important treatment. The delicate skin on the neck is a part of the body that is in constant motion, causing the skin to stretch and sag over time.


We know that the most definitive sign of aging skin is wrinkles.  Wrinkles come about as the skin gradually loses its firmness and elasticity.  The lines become more and more ingrained as the same movements are repeated day after day, and before too long there are deep creases and crepey skin texture in the neck skin that require attention from a board certified dermatologist.


The upside is that there are effective treatment options for neck wrinkles from dermatologists. Always consult with a board certified dermatologist before making any definitive choices about which treatment option to pursue.


Protect: A daily moisturizing routine with sun block of at least SPF 30 will help keep the wrinkles at bay.  Finding the right moisturizer means giving the skin a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients.  Wrinkles in the neck are especially important to moisturize because this skin has been more exposed to the sun than most of the rest of the body.  Recent studies have concluded that older skin that had not been exposed to the sun had far fewer signs of aging than older skin that had been exposed to the sun.  This means that skin in the face and neck requires much more close attention if the ill-effects of the sun are to be prevented.


Skin tightening: Botox is a great example of a neck treatment for early signs of aging that often shows exceptional results.  The muscles in the neck, known as platysmal bands, can often develop tension from repeated movements over time. This can lead to an older appearance and slight sagging look. Botox injections in this area, referred to as the Nefertiti lift, in Sterling Heights can relax those muscles to restore youthful contours that bring out the jawline once again.  There are also options using device-based treatments such as Ultherapy, Rejuvapen microneedling, and Nordlys laser resurfacing to lift and tighten the skin by promoting new collagen growth.


Neck Injections: Injectable fillers made of hyaluronic acid and Sculptra can be used in neck creases and will help smooth out the skin and restore the look of firmness.  If the skin is beginning to sag then this procedure might not produce ideal results.