dermatologistThere are many ways to enhance your appearance to look more beautiful, but it can be difficult to fight the signs of aging on your own. With the right help and guidance from skin care doctors, Grosse Pointe residents can learn how they can rejuvenate their facial skin with the latest treatments.

Try Injectable Fillers to Smooth Fine Lines

Many people are aware that injectable fillers are a great option for smoothing fine lines around the eyes, there are other areas on the face that can benefit from these treatments. Botox and other fillers are often used on the forehead, around the neck and jaw line, around the sides of the nose, and also around the mouth and in the lips. When you smooth the area surrounding the lips it primes the area for additional treatments and makes your whole face look dramatically younger.

Plump Your Pout With Lip Injections

Injectables work just as well on the lips as they do around them. After filling fine lines above and below the lip line, lip injections can be used to give the lips themselves a fuller, plumper appearance. This look is popular on celebrities and models, so it’s only natural that women everywhere want this beautiful and youthful look for themselves.

Visit Your Dermatologist and Inquire About Skin Care

To receive expert advice on injectable fillers for the face, neck, and lips, visit one of the many skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe and ask them for recommendations. Keeping the skin looking young and fresh typically calls for hydration, and so a dermatologist might recommend drinking a lot of water and cutting down on sugary and salty foods. Moreover, dermatologists can also prescribe a cream or face and lip masks to their patients. Some of these creams and masks can be applied at home by the patient, making it an easy and accessible remedy. By following the doctor’s orders, one can expect to see changes in their skin within just a couple of weeks, which can be a great complement to in-office treatments like lip injections.