26 06, 2019

Great Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

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Proper skin care is essential for a person’s wellbeing. Having nice looking skin can make people feel good about themselves, it can boost their confidence, and it can allow them to look and feel younger and more vibrant. While taking care of one’s skin with proper cleansing and proactive care is certainly important, there are [...]

21 06, 2019

The Benefits of Botox Injections from a Sterling Heights Dermatologist

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One may wonder whether getting Botox from a Sterling Heights specialist is the right solution for fighting wrinkles. Many people curious about the use of Botox injections from a Sterling Heights specialist have concerns and questions about the treatment. In this article, we’ll take a bit of time to go over the most common issues [...]

20 06, 2019

How to Pick the Best Anti-Aging Procedures in Sterling Heights

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A person may spend some time thinking about visiting a cosmetic surgeon to address signs of aging in the face and neck. If so, it’s important to consider a cosmetic dermatologist in the Sterling Heights area. Why? Many do not realize that cosmetic dermatologists have just as many anti-aging procedures for their Sterling Heights area [...]

8 05, 2019

The Solution To Anti-Aging Skin Care

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The boom of non-surgical aesthetic procedures began in the 90s with the arrival of glycolic acid peels, hyaluronic acid fillers, the aesthetic use of botulinum toxin and the first laser hair removal and rejuvenation. More than twenty years have passed, and some of them continue to be the most effective treatments for their efficacy and [...]

7 05, 2019

The Benefits & Limitations of Botox Injections

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Botox is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botox has many uses beyond the typical aesthetic treatment most people think of including treatment for: Elimination of severe sweating in the underarm area Cervical dystonia Blepharospasm or uncontrollable blinking Strabismus or deviated eyes Migraines and spinal headaches As we can see, Botox serves an [...]