26 06, 2020

5 Tips for Choosing a BOTOX® Cosmetic Provider

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The popularity of injectable fillers is on the rise — millions of non-invasive cosmetic procedures are performed in the United States each year, and soft-tissue fillers like BOTOX® Cosmetic are overwhelmingly the most common. Many people are interested in getting BOTOX® for the first time, but with so many different types of health practitioners claiming [...]

25 06, 2020

Younger-Looking Skin Becomes Reality with BOTOX®

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Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles isn’t a luxury reserved only for daydreams or for famous actors and actresses. It has become increasingly popular among the general population because of the astonishing results and because of the convenience and lack of downtime.   Collagen Loss   During the aging process, the body naturally [...]

24 06, 2020

Get Started on Your Summer Body This Spring

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With summer right around the corner, everyone begins thinking of optimizing their bodies for swimsuit season. Of course, diet and exercise are the best long-term solution for a healthy body, but they generally take months to “pay off.” So how can one see quicker, more satisfying results in just a matter of days or weeks? [...]

23 06, 2020

Whittle Your Middle with EMsculpt®

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Many struggle with unwanted fat around their midsection as well as in other trouble spots such as thighs and hips. While exercise and diet go a long way toward keeping these areas trim and in shape, many people have trouble sticking to a regular diet or workout plan. And for some people, diet and exercise [...]

22 06, 2020

Younger-Looking Skin is Available in Sterling Heights

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Looking in the mirror each day and noticing facial aging is something many people complain about. Over time, noticing the skin’s changes can be downright depressing. Yes, the telltale signs of aging are inevitable, yet there are options available for patients to achieve a younger-looking appearance by diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. [...]

21 05, 2020

How to Prepare for Botox Injections from a Sterling Heights Dermatologist

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For those considering Botox injections in Sterling Heights, or the surrounding area, it is important to know how to prepare for the treatment, and what to do afterwards. While Botox from a Sterling Heights dermatologist or specialist is not a rare or unusual option today, there are many things the average patient may not realize [...]

20 05, 2020

Reset the Clock on Aging 

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Turning back time and eliminating the signs of aging is a goal for many. As skin ages, the body produces less collagen, which is one of the biggest contributors to wrinkle formation. With collagen loss, the skin experiences a reduction in volume, becoming thinner, dryer, less elastic, and less supple. Also, skin tends to lack its [...]

19 05, 2020

Putting the Brakes on Wrinkles 

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Drinking plenty of water, avoiding sun exposure, smoking cessation, along with proper skincare products in cleansers, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen are steps people can take in avoiding excessive wrinkles. But the reality is that people will develop wrinkles, and there’s no way to completely avoid it. However, some wrinkles no longer have to be tolerated. Getting younger, more [...]

18 05, 2020

Know When It’s Time to Visit Skin Care Doctors in Grosse Pointe

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Many wonder when it is time for them to consider cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights or book an appointment with skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe. Some might think the answer is only if someone is pondering a treatment like Botox in Detroit or cosmetic procedures like an injectable filler. Yet, these are not the [...]

15 05, 2020

Exciting Results with CoolSculpting Body Contouring

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Deposits of extra fat can give the appearance of advancing age to both face and body. Many people try their best to eliminate these problematic fat deposits with diet changes and exercise programs; dedicated fitness buffs and athletes go the extra mile with hours at the gym and even strict calorie rationing to get rid [...]