Some people do anything they can to combat the signs of aging. As soon as the first hint of a fine line appears on the face, they head to the cosmetic dermatology office in Sterling Heights to discuss an anti-aging regimen.

For those that wish to hold on to the youthful glow as long as possible, there are several options that can be employed to keep the face smooth and wrinkle-free. The two most popular options requested by patients are Botox injections and fillers. Skincare doctors in Grosse Pointe find that these two types of treatments are the most preferred by those seeking a more youthful look. However, many people do not understand the differences between the two.

Before a person can decide which treatment is right for them, they need to fully understand the differences and the similarities between Botox and fillers. This article will help those patients better understand both types of treatments.

Botox Defined 

In essence, Botox is the botulinum toxin. Botulinum is a protein that paralyzes the muscles around the injection site, and this paralyzation makes the muscles relax, which eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Botox can also help Detroit patients that are suffering from several other medical conditions such as migraines, excessive sweating, or muscle spasms.

Botox injections are very safe, and skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe and other areas have been administering them for years and years. There is no significant downtime required after a treatment session, although the area of skin around the injection site may be a little red, bruised, or swollen. Most patients describe the treatment as minimally painful, although there may be a little bit of residual tenderness for a few days afterward. Most people find that they can cover any bruising or redness with a quick swipe of foundation.

For those people interested in rejuvenating the skin, Botox treatments are ideal. Detroit dermatologists are happy to schedule patients for injections when they wish to eliminate fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and the forehead. Some women also choose to get injections around the decolletage area.

Since Botox injections are so safe, there are very few contraindications for this type of cosmetic treatment. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised not to proceed with injections, and in some cases, people suffering from nerve damage may not be eligible for treatment. 

What are Fillers?

The term “fillers” generally refers to Dermal Fillers, which is a treatment that involves hyaluronic acid. The gel-like substance is injected into the softer tissues of the face in order to combat the effects of aging. Fillers “plump” the skin and smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines. They can also be used to add volume in the lips. Cosmetic dermatology practitioners in Sterling Heights refer to them as lip fillers.

Like Botox injections, the treatments are relatively painless, and there is little to no downtime afterward.  Depending on the area to be injected the results of dermal fillers can last up to an entire year. The side effects are very similar to Botox injections; with most people reporting nothing more than mild bruising, tenderness, and redness.

Anyone who is seeking to smooth the skin and make the face appear youthful should consider dermal fillers. Many hard-core athletes choose fillers because excessive exercise tends to lead to volume loss in the face.

The most common dermal filler brands that are offered at cosmetic dermatology offices in Sterling Heights include:

  • Radiesse
  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Sculptra
  • Voluma XC

As dermal fillers are also extremely safe, there are very few contraindications to receiving them. Anyone that is considering injections for cosmetic purposes should consult their regular physician, especially if they are suffering from one or more medical conditions. Plus, women who are nursing or pregnant should avoid getting dermal filler injections.

Types of Wrinkles that are Smoothed with Injections

There are two main types of wrinkles that occur on the face: dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles are ones that appear on the skin because of the movement of the face, such as a smile or a raised eyebrow. A static wrinkle is one that is always on the face, even when it is at rest.

Botox injections are a great way to combat dynamic wrinkles, but most skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe will admit they may not completely address static wrinkles. Those are best-taken care of with dermal fillers because fillers plump and fill in the wrinkles.

Here is a list of seven types of facial wrinkles that can be improved with either Botox injections or dermal fillers:

  1. Glabellar Lines: These two vertical lines are found on the glabella, which is the small area of skin that is between the eyebrows and just above the nose.
  2. Crow’s Feet: The common name for periorbital lines, crow’s feet start at the corner of the eye, and the branch out from there. These are sometimes referred to as smile lines because that is when they are most likely to show up. If the wrinkles are present even when not smiling, Botox in combination with dermal fillers will be the most appropriate approach.
  3. Forehead Lines: The muscle that lies across the forehead is quite large, and when it contracts, it can cause one or more lines across the forehead. These lines become more prominent with age.
  4. Perioral Lines: These are the vertical lines that form along the upper and lower lips, sometimes referred to as lipstick lines. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including genes, smoking, and puckering. Cosmetic dermatology physicians in Sterling Heights can treat them with Botox and/or with fillers.
  5. Bunny Lines: These wrinkles appear on the nose below the glabellar lines. In fact, they may often become even more apparent once the glabellar lines are treated with Botox injections. It is a great choice for a consistent look to treat these areas together.
  6. Marionette Lines: So named because they cause the mouth to resemble that of a marionette, these vertical wrinkles can be found on either side of the mouth running from nose to chin. Depending on the severity of the lines, skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe may need to treat with both dermal fillers and Botox.
  7. Orange-Peel Chin: Some people form a dimpling on their chin with age that resembles the peel of an orange. Botox and fillers are both effective ways of treating this issue.
  1.     Neck Bands: As we age the muscle tension in the neck becomes more noticeable,
    giving the appearance of a sagging neck and jawline. Botox and fillers can give a
    softer, more contoured look to these areas.

There are many uses for both Botox and the various dermal fillers. Skincare doctors in Grosse Pointe and the greater Detroit area can help patients decide which is the best route for them to help combat the signs of aging.