You’ve heard of Botox before, but do you have an understanding of what this treatment actually does? Botulinum toxin comes from the cultivation of a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. The primary medical use of Botox was for ophthalmic care, specifically for the treatment of eyelid disease: blepharospasm. It was during the treatment of this disease that led to the launch of Botox injections in the world of aesthetic medicine.

While patients were being treated for blepharospasm, it was discovered that they were left with fewer wrinkles than before. Clinical studies began to validate these results and determine the dosages necessary for the treatment of forehead and eyelid wrinkles.

Injectable botulinum toxin has been used for aesthetics since 1992. Only purified botulinum toxin type A (there are a total of eight other types of the toxin) is used for medical purposes to block the transmission between the nerve and the muscle. When properly injected, it can reduce facial wrinkles while maintaining a natural, more youthful appearance.

The Active Ingredient of Botox Injections – Aesthetic vs. Therapeutic Use

The active ingredient is botulinum endotoxin, a toxin long used to fight spasms and tics of the eyelids, face, or neck. The only difference between Botox injections used for therapeutic purposes and the kind used for cosmetic medicine is the amount of neurotoxin that is used. The dose used in aesthetic medicine is very low compared to therapeutic use.

The Use of Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine

Before the appearance of Botox in aesthetic medicine, surgeons performed on a section of the frontalis muscle to prevent it from contracting. This was done during an operation such as a facelift. Botox injections now replace this surgical procedure with similar results without convalescence or painful consequences. The injections can relax the forehead without stretching the skin. The muscles under the skin no longer contract, the folds relax, and wrinkles fade.

How are Wrinkles Formed?

In aesthetics, the focused areas are typically any that include expression lines. These wrinkles are born by the repetition of the movements of our face when we express emotions or speak. In younger people, the skin regains its smooth appearance after each muscle contraction. With age, the skin loses its elasticity along with its firmness, brightness, and resilience. It ends up keeping the mark of the furrows related to the expressions of the face. Subsequently, wrinkles will gradually widen and become permanently visible.

The 3 Major Areas that Can be Treated via Botox Injections:

Crow’s feet: These wrinkles form at the corner of the eyes and are typically from smiling or laughing. These lines can begin to show age as they worsen.

Forehead wrinkles: These occur between the eyebrows from frowning or furrowing the brows. The horizontal wrinkles of the forehead that are wrinkles generated by expressions of widening eyes or by surprise.

Perioral lines (sometimes referred to as smoker’s lines) The fine vertical wrinkles on the lips that appear when speaking and moving the lips, the folds of bitterness on each side of the mouth towards the chin, and the creases of the nose can also be treated by the Botox technique.

Schedule a Botox Injection Session with a Dermatologist in Sterling Heights

Before any treatment, the dermatologist in a Sterling Heights clinic will perform a careful examination to determine the best course of action and to adapt the injection to your needs. They will take into account your biggest concerns and problem areas you would like to tackle. A professional consultation is important to evaluate if Botox is truly the best option for you. Ensure your dermatologist has extensive experience with Botox for the subtle, high-quality results.

Injection Technique of Botulinum Toxin

The injection technique is relatively quick and simple since it is done using syringes with very fine needles that cause little, if any, pain. The injection of Botox is usually done a few millimeters deep (into the skin muscles). It is done in several points distributed over all the muscles of the treated area. Injection points for horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and injections for each zone of crow’s feet are minimal.

After a careful cleaning of the skin of the face, the doctor will assess the proper points of injections on your face then inject the botulinum toxin. Once the injections are completed, it is recommended to return for a follow-up visit to ensure the proper results were achieved.

Long-Term Results and Maintenance of Botox Treatments

After 4 to 10 days, the effects of the toxin will start to become visible as the treated areas of the face begin to smooth and relax. The folds of the crow’s feet will diminish, giving a more youthful appearance to your eyes.

The effects of your first Botox injections will begin to decrease after 3-4 months. Plan to schedule a follow-up session to ensure long lasting results. Consistency is key to ensure results are maintained and to keep the skin relaxed. This aesthetic treatment must be managed over time and for the best results possible, it is expected that you plan to do them regularly. It will be necessary to check and quantify the effects of the first injection on your wrinkles to better calibrate the Botox in future sessions. Talk to your dermatologist about the best injection interval schedule for you. Another important note, sometimes those with very physically active lifestyles may require more frequent treatments or higher doses to achieve appropriate results.

What Happens When You Stop Getting the Injections?

If you want to stop your botulinum toxin injection treatments for any reason, your muscles will return to their original state, become less and less relaxed, and your wrinkles will begin to reappear gradually.

Are you ready to find the right dermatologist in Sterling Heights for your Botox injections or other skin care treatments? Find a specialist near you today that has the expertise to help you achieve the results you desire. You are on your way to more beautiful, younger-looking skin!