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The Importance of Individualized Cosmetic Dermatology Treatment Plans

The skin is as unique as the individual within it. No two skincare routines will be the same, either. Some people get caught up in the hype of trends and want to do what everyone else is doing. To some extent, that can be effective. However, most people won’t truly get the results they want [...]

Cosmetic Dermatology in Sterling Heights: How to Prepare for the First Visit

It can be intimidating to walk into a doctor’s office for the first time, no matter what kind of doctor it is. A specialty field like cosmetic dermatology has so much more to think about, especially for patients who are just getting started. Fortunately, preparation can go a long way in helping people have a [...]

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Skin; The Most Underrated Human Organ

Skin could be the most underrated organ in the human body because one only notices it when it’s abnormal. Perfect skin is, metaphorically speaking, invisible; it’s not seen. But things like scars and bruises are noticed right away. It’s only when things go wrong that one looks at their skin and goes: “Oh, that’s weird.” [...]

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Using Botox Injections in Sterling Heights to Achieve a Youthful Look

Over time, the effects of aging become more apparent and many people consider cosmetic options to recapture a more youthful, healthy appearance through non-surgical treatments including Botox. Botox is a great option for the battle against frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet.  Both men and women have found that Botox can take years off their appearance by smoothing [...]

4 Skin Conditions That Can Be Treated with Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology is a well-respected medical specialty. This highly-competitive field is important for the treatment and prevention of common skin disorders. In fact, many dermatologists are well-known for treating deadly skin issues like cancerous moles and pocks. A routine checkup with a dermatologist can ultimately save a life. While this facet of general dermatology is highly [...]

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What is Volbella and is it Right for Me?

Individuals who are looking for cosmetic dermatology options in Sterling Heights have probably come across many different treatments they can use to make themselves look and feel good. Many people, especially those who are beginning to age, start looking for treatments to fill in their fine lines. There are different options available on the market, [...]

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