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Grosse Pointe Dermatology Offers Youthful Radiance to Sterling Heights Residents

Many people, including those living in Sterling Heights and Grosse Pointe, place a premium on taking care of their skin and achieving a more youthful, healthy appearance. At Grosse Pointe Dermatology, we provide an extensive range of services to address various skin concerns, from medical dermatology solutions to cosmetic procedures. We are here to help [...]

Healthy Self-Care for a Fresh Start in the New Year 

A new year means a fresh start, and for many people, self-care is at the top of the agenda for 2021. Taking the first steps toward looking and feeling healthier is easier than ever with anti-aging procedures now available in Sterling Heights. Younger-looking, rejuvenated skin is within reach thanks to non-invasive procedures that brighten skin, [...]

Achieve a More Youthful Look with Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

Every adult will begin to notice the signs of aging at some point and wonder what they can do to slow down time. Anti-aging treatments can be effective, non-invasive options for adults in many stages of life. Signs of aging will begin to show for many in their 20’s and 30’s, and there is no [...]

Know When It’s Time to Visit Skin Care Doctors in Grosse Pointe

Many wonder when it is time for them to consider cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights or book an appointment with skin care doctors in Grosse Pointe. Some might think the answer is only if someone is pondering a treatment like Botox in Detroit or cosmetic procedures like an injectable filler. Yet, these are not the [...]

Turn Back the Clock with Anti-Aging Injectables

Many people wish for a more youthful appearance and seek ways to turn back the clock when it comes to facial aging. A dermatologist in Sterling Heights can help patients reduce visible aging effects and can explain the many anti-aging treatment options now available. For many patients, facial anti-aging treatment options will include injectable fillers [...]

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The Solution To Anti-Aging Skin Care

The boom of non-surgical aesthetic procedures began in the 90s with the arrival of glycolic acid peels, hyaluronic acid fillers, the aesthetic use of botulinum toxin and the first laser hair removal and rejuvenation. More than twenty years have passed, and some of them continue to be the most effective treatments for their efficacy and [...]

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5 Important Reasons to See a Dermatologist in Sterling Heights

We should visit the dermatologist more regularly than we normally do. The problem is that many people are unaware that their problems relate to this specific medical specialty. The skin is the body’s biggest organ, and it performs an important job as the protective layer that covers the vital organs. Injuries or conditions of the [...]

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3 Places You Can Use Injectable Fillers to Look and Feel More Youthful

Feeling good about the way a person looks is important, especially in today's society. With the advent of smartphones designed for taking selfies and the increasing use of social media, everyone is becoming more and more conscious about the way they look. An increasing number of individuals are going to schedule an appointment with a [...]

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