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Get Started on Your Summer Body This Spring

With summer right around the corner, everyone begins thinking of optimizing their bodies for swimsuit season. Of course, diet and exercise are the best long-term solution for a healthy body, but they generally take months to “pay off.” So how can one see quicker, more satisfying results in just a matter of days or weeks? [...]

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What the Nordlys Laser Can Do for You

When it comes to dermatology, Sterling Heights residents might visit their doctor for a number of reasons. Laser treatments are common in this specialty and one option is the Nordlys laser. Learning more about the conditions this laser might help with gives you a better idea about whether it is a good choice for you and the [...]

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Some FAQs on Nordlys Laser

  Nordlys Laser is an effective tool for a wide variety of skin treatment options.  It is especially designed to treat vascular and pigmented lesions with a sub-millisecond pulse that makes it possible to reach depths of the skin that were previously inaccessible.  Equipped with 8 selective waveband applicators and a user-friendly interface, dermatologists across [...]

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