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Learn More About the Different Forms of Sun Poisoning & How to Treat Them

Exposing the skin for extended periods, while unprotected by sunscreen, can harm it in a multitude of ways ranging from premature aging to skin cancer. Another condition called photodermatoses is also a dangerous effect of prolonged time in the sun, but it isn’t as commonly discussed. Photodermatoses is often referred to as sun poisoning, and [...]

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How to Find the Right Lip Filler

Having thin lips doesn’t have to be a burden any longer. Having fine lines and wrinkles doesn’t have to be a problem either. Whether from genetics or aging, some people have lips that lose elasticity and plumpness over time. This can lead to wrinkles and a mouth looking less than youthful. Thankfully, there are lip [...]

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Reasons to Visit a Dermatologist

There are numerous reasons to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. These professional skin care doctors are the ideal practitioners to help Grosse Pointe residents to look and feel their best. Many treatments are available, so it is a good idea for individuals to talk to dermatologists in person to find out which provide the [...]

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