The Pros and Cons of Local Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology has come a long way in the past decade or so, offering a lot more solutions for people who need better help with their skin health and other related issues. There are plenty of dermatologists offering various services to people, but one of the best things that people can do is find a local [...]

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What is EMsculpt? Everything One Should Know

There are several different procedures available in Detroit, MI for cosmetic dermatology and skincare today. This is good because it ensures that there are options available to everyone. However, it can also prove to make things more complex because people will have more to research before deciding which solutions are going to be best for [...]

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What People Need to Know About Botox Injections

Even after all these years and despite widespread use, Botox injections and treatments are still something of a mystery to many.  A large part of the issue comes with the misinformation that’s floating around out there. The other part is merely that people look at it as a treatment for those who have a lot [...]

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How to Choose the Right Anti-Aging Procedures

No one likes the effects of aging, but they can’t possibly be fought all at once. Fortunately, with the right treatment options, it’s easy to take care of the things that bother people most. For starters, anyone considering the anti-aging procedures that Sterling Heights providers offer should get to know their options, as well as [...]

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Five Things to Consider Before Choosing Cosmetic Dermatology and Skincare Treatments

When it comes to taking care of skin, a lot of improvements have been made these days. Thanks to the advances in dermatology and innovations in skincare, the options for getting a youthful appearance back and getting rid of several pesky issues are increasing. That means that more people can get the procedures that they [...]

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Know the Signs and Symptoms of Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac

The return of warmer weather means returning to many fun outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking, boating, and fishing in parks and woodland areas. But spending time in nature can occasionally mean exposure to the state’s native poisonous plants. Found in many natural areas, these plants can quickly ruin a fun outing if people [...]

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Back from a Great Vacation? Or a Great Dermatologist?

There’s no denying the magic of Botox®. Millions of patients have experienced the look of just getting back from a relaxing vacation after visiting their dermatologist. It has been proven to work miracles as a wrinkle reducer, brow lifter, and more. New uses are being discovered every day, and it’s now also effective for treating [...]

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Top Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments in the United States

Cosmetic dermatology procedures are some of the most popular medical procedures performed in the United States, and most are office-based, providing the opportunity for easy, same-day treatment. Here, we take a look at the top three most-performed categories of dermatologic procedures in the United States and why they’re so popular.   Light-Based Therapies   Slightly [...]

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Working Out Like Crazy Doesn’t Eliminate All Fat Deposits

Spending hours in the gym and keeping one’s diet in check should be enough to ensure a fabulous, lean, and toned appearance. However, there are thousands of people who work out daily, eat a clean and healthy diet, and stay active with lots of cardiovascular and weight training in their daily routine, yet they still [...]

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What Can a Dermatologist Do? Finding Help and Healing with Dermatology in Sterling Heights

For most people, a visit to a doctor is spurred by a defined medical condition – a bacterial infection, a virus, a broken bone, or something similar. However, those are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to conditions that can affect the human body. The skin is the largest organ in [...]

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