It is amazing how many factors can contribute to aging skin. A person might be genetically programmed to show signs of aging earlier than their peers. Someone else might make lifestyle choices (such as a poor diet, overuse of alcohol, smoking and poor sleep) that show up as signs of aging on the skin. Exposure to a lot of sunlight without any sunblock, and even environmental pollution and the weather in general have an impact on skin. The good news is that a dermatologist in Sterling Heights can provide many proven anti-aging procedures in his or her Sterling Heights office.

Exploring Anti-Aging Procedures

For many, the phrase “dermatologist in Sterling Heights” makes them think of treatments for acne or chronic skin conditions. However, a dermatologist can often help a patient combat the signs of skin aging through an array of treatment options.

Anti-aging procedures from a Sterling Heights dermatologist may include:

Medical grade skincare products – This may include dermal repair creams designed to intensely moisturize and minimize signs of aging, vitamin complexes that improve tone and texture, serums that rejuvenate and even out skin tone, retinol treatments that reduce lines or wrinkles, and brightening complexes that help remove the dullness or dark spots of aging skin. A dermatologist in Sterling Heights might also have targeted treatments such as anti-aging eye products, sunblock, correcting formulas and more.

Facials – Do not think of a facial from a dermatologist in Sterling Heights as the same sort of treatment received in a traditional spa. The anti-aging procedures from a Sterling Heights facial specialist can include options like microdermabrasion (which polishes away the dead cells on the skin’s surface) chemical peels that accelerate exfoliation and the creation of healthier more vibrant skin), phototherapy that rejuvenates the skin, and dermal infusion that allows serums to be released into the skin in the timeliest manner. There are also brightening, cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating options that a dermatologist in Sterling Heights can use to improve the look of the skin and make it more youthful.

Cosmetic Dermatology – Far more complex than many realize, this includes an array of anti-aging procedures that a Sterling Heights dermatologist might provide after examining the face of the patient for signs of aging. The treatments may include microneedling, peels and other resurfacing options. A doctor may also use injectable products that will combat the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and fill in the areas of the face that are losing their fullness due to aging. A dermatologist can use collagen stimulating products that trigger the creation of new collagen and elastin, restoring the skin to a more youthful appearance.

In-Office Treatments – There are also many devices that a dermatologist in Sterling Heights might use to help a patient combat signs of aging. These include ultrasound therapies like Ultherapy that can tighten the skin and work as one of the most remarkable, non-invasive anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights. Laser treatments can also help to shrink pore size (which is something that occurs as one of the first signs of aging), stimulate collagen and improve texture.

It is helpful to know a bit more about the signs of aging and their causes when consulting with a dermatologist in Sterling Heights.

Know the Signs of Aging Before Working with a Dermatologist in Sterling Heights

When considering anti-aging procedures, it is important to take some time to uncover what the signs of skin aging might be. Then a person can find a dermatologist in Sterling Heights experienced in providing customized treatment plans.

If asked, most skin care experts would say that there are three very profound signs of aging in the skin, and they include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Laxity or sagging in the skin
  • Loss of volume and elasticity in the skin

Deeper wrinkles are a sign of aging that appear later in life, and are not some of the earliest signs. No one wakes one morning and sees deep-set wrinkles. They wake to find some finer lines around the eye or in the forehead. The good news is that whether it is wrinkles, lines, sagging, or loss of volume, most anti-aging procedures from a Sterling Heights dermatologist can help.

However, if the dermatologist from Sterling Heights speaks to patients about issues like the anatomy of facial aging and facial mapping, it is more likely that they have the kinds of anti-aging procedures for a Sterling Heights patient that will bring the desired outcomes. This is because they understand that skin aging and facial aging take place at more than just the surface and include skin, fat, and even muscle and bone.

They can provide solutions that can help combat the visible signs of thinning and drier skin, the loss of elasticity, and the reduction of collagen in the skin of the face and body. They can look at the face of a patient and understand how fillers and other treatments can help to restore the skin and some of the underlying structure.

A dermatologist in Sterling Heights can look at the patient and understand right away the issues that must be addressed through the treatments available. Whether it is the first signs of marionette lines around the mouth, the loosening of skin in the mid-face area, or the appearance of lines and wrinkles, they can point out the issues and create plans of action.

The skin ages just like the rest of the body. That means that an ongoing program of top-notch skincare products, treatments chosen to combat the personal issues faced by the patient, and a series of more advanced approaches to rejuvenate the face and skin, will yield the best long-term results.