It is not a secret that as the human body ages, it also changes in appearance and shape. These transformations apply to every area of the body; from birth until the later years, the impact of nature and time can be seen in each individual man and woman.

Perhaps the most noticeable change is seen in the face; from wrinkles to sun damage, there are a variety of factors which play into the differences between a youthful face and an aging face. Though nothing can stop time, the impact can be minimized with cosmetic dermatology in Birmingham.

How a Face Ages

For many, acne can be a struggle during the teen years and into the 20s. This is a time of life when collagen keeps skin looking healthy; though men and women may still face the occasional bout with pimples, a clear complexion is possible.

As adults reach their 30s, they may find that uneven skin tone and sun spots start to become an issue. Brown patches on the chin, cheeks, and forehead can also appear as a result of changing hormones. Regular use of sunscreen can help to prevent damage in the later years.

During the years between age 30 and age 50, skin can become drier and begin to show more wrinkles and fine lines. Facial aging begins under the surface and throughout multiple tissue layers, including bone and muscle. Thinning skin and less elasticity, plus a reduction in collagen, can cause skin to look dramatically different than in the teenage years.

In addition to lines, wrinkles, and sun spots, fat redistributes and leads to volume loss in the face such as the mouth, jaw, cheeks and forehead. Fat pads create what appear to be separate sections of the face.

Treatment Options for Healthy Skin

Facial rejuvenation can be an effective and convenient way to add a healthy glow to one’s appearance. Skin may be revitalized with resurfacing, which modifies the skin’s surface by correcting the effects of fine lines and blemishes; examples of this are micro-needling, chemical peels, and skincare products.

Consulting a Dermatological Professional 

Cosmetic procedures should be performed by a certified and experienced professional such as Dr. Balle who provides these services for people in the Grosse Pointe, Birmingham and Bloomfiled Hills areas.  Dr. Balle will answer questions about side effects, risks, and benefits related to all procedures and provide a personalized recommendation that will bring desired results.

High quality care and comprehensive treatment are two of the things one can expect with a board-certified dermatologist who is committed to the patient’s well-being and good health.