Freeze Away Fat with CoolSculpting!

Americans are constantly trying to shed pounds! Unlike dieting and exercise, CoolSculpting does not require sacrifice or hard work. It is the first FDA-cleared non-surgical fat reduction treatment available, and it’s available right here in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

With CoolSculpting, stubborn fat cells are frozen within the body and then naturally broken down and eliminated. It sounds a little unbelievable until you hear the testimonials and read the rave reviews from patients that have undergone the CoolSculpting procedure. Results are not immediate, but you will gradually see a slimmer body as your fat cells break down and are gone for good! Results are noticeable and lasting, which is good news for anyone that has ever struggled with a few extra pounds.

Non-Surgical Fat Removal

CoolSculpting was developed from technology that was used to cool skin before cosmetic dermatology procedures. Scientists determined that cooling technology could selectively eliminate fat cells without disturbing the skin or affecting fat distribution elsewhere in the body.

CoolSculptingThe CoolSculpting procedure is non-invasive and comfortable for patients. A gel sheet is placed over the area to allow better contact with the skin and then a wand connected to a cooling machine is moved over the area. It is relatively painless and it does not require any recovery time.

Fat Reduction vs Weight Loss

Once fat cells are in the body, no amount of exercise or healthy eating can eliminate them. It is a commonly held myth that losing weight means getting rid of fat cells. In reality, losing weight means that you are shrinking fat cells. Since you are not actually getting rid of fat, it is easy to gain the weight back after you stop dieting.

Fat reduction is the removal of fat cells from the body. Once the cells are gone, you lose weight and cannot gain the weight back from those cells because they are no longer in your body. This is why some people opt to have fat reduction surgery like liposuction. However, surgical fat removal can be dangerous because of its invasive nature. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is a non-surgical fat removal process that does not carry the same risks.

Get CoolSculpting in Michigan

If you are looking for a licensed physician in Michigan who can perform the CoolSculpting procedure, look no further than Grosse Pointe Dermatology. Based out of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, he specializes in skin treatments of all types to make you look healthier and feel better. He performs these procedures on patients himself and also trains other doctors nationwide on the best methods to get great results for patients. Give him a call today to make an appointment and find out how he can get you on your way to having a better body.