Our skin has a direct influence on our self-esteem. When your skin looks great and glowing, you’ll feel great and glowing. There are many issues that can create a negative attitude toward your skin. Cosmetic dermatology can help to correct those issues and get you back to feeling confident and happy with the way that you look. You can take the first step to seek treatment by learning more about cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights.

Reduce Scars

Scars can change the color and texture of your skin, as anyone with acne scarring knows well. Because of the texture change, scarring can also be difficult to simply cover with makeup. There are several ways for dermatologists to deal with scarring. Potential treatments include Micro Needling, Fraxel Lasers, and IPL Lasers. While you’re in the office to deal with scarring, be sure to get some additional information about how to prevent scars in the future.

Get Your Glow

Everyone wants the look of glowing, healthy skin. Many try to achieve the look with makeup. Often, these same people don’t know that we all have healthy skin. It’s just that sometimes it’s hidden under layers of dead and damaged skin that leave that cause a dull appearance. Professionals like Dr. Balle and Dr. Lipinski can help to take away the dullness and give you your glow back.

Resolve Skin Issues

Skin issues like acne and keratoses can be embarrassing, especially for adults who feel the years of breakouts should be behind them. There are many factors that can cause these issues, and many ways to create a plan to resolve them. Dr. Balle and Dr. Lipinski will work with you to create the best course of action to work toward clearing your skin of blemishes.

Look Younger Instantly

Wrinkles, sagging skin, and skin discoloration are all signs of age. Having skin issues at any age can make you look older than you really are. Treatments including Botox, fillers and skin tightening can reverse those signs of aging. From reducing the occurrence of acne to smoothing out wrinkles, treating skin issues with cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights will make you look and feel healthier, happier, and younger.

Take a Step Toward Getting Your Healthy and Beautiful Skin Back

Call us at 313-886-2600 and make an appointment to find out how cosmetic dermatology in Sterling Heights can help you overcome insecurities and resolve skin issues. You’ll leave our office feeling confident and looking years younger with just one session. Make your appointment today.