Cosmetic Dermatology Detroit

EMsculpt is a relatively new type of procedure for cosmetic dermatology. Detroit residents who are looking for a method of lifting and toning the body without requiring surgery may want to consider the procedure. Of course, those who are thinking of getting any sort of procedure should always make it a point to learn as much as possible about it first. Below are some of the common questions and concerns patients have regarding the treatment.

What is EMsculpt?

EMsculpt is the name of a procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. This therapy creates muscle contractions that are stronger than what could be achieved through voluntary contractions when flexing. When the muscle tissues undergo this type of contraction, they change. They need to adapt to the extreme conditions. They start to remodel their inner structure, which means that the body starts to build more muscle. This additional muscle helps to sculpt the body to get the look that the patient wants.

In addition to helping to build more muscle tissue, patients who have the procedure have also found that it can help to reduce unwanted fat. Many patients who have undergone the treatment have noticed that they have a more defined set of abs.

One of the biggest reasons that this is a popular option for people to ask their cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit about is the procedure itself. It is non-invasive, which means that the patients will not need to undergo any sort of surgery. Many people who want the results of a cosmetic procedure do not like the idea of surgery. This makes EMsculpt a perfect solution for them.

It is unlike so many of the other cosmetic procedures available today. Often, the procedures are going to target just removing unwanted fat. They do not do anything to help increase the muscle. EMsculpt is unique in that it does both.

Who is a Candidate for EMsculpt?

Of course, patients want to make sure they are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic dermatology in Detroit. Fortunately, patients will find that most people will be candidates for the procedure. Because it is non-invasive, most will have no trouble qualifying. However, patients should always take the time to connect with their cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit for a consultation. During the consultation, they can learn more about the procedure, how it works, and whether it is the best solution for them right now.

One of the questions that many people have when they are looking at this form of cosmetic dermatology in Detroit is whether it’s for both men and women. EMsculpt is a procedure that can help both men and women to burn fat and build muscle.

What Happens During the Treatment?

Those who are interested in the treatment want to be sure that they understand what happens when they undergo the procedure. Even though it is not invasive, they still want to be sure they know what to expect. Once the plan for the EMsculpt therapy has been worked out with the cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit, the patient will arrive for their first treatment.

There is not typically any pre-treatment procedure that will need to be followed. The patient will simply need to show up for their appointment on time. If they have any questions, they should talk with their doctor before they arrive. The intense EM pulses are not painful, but they will cause strong contractions in the muscles. Each of the treatments will generally last for around 30 minutes. Doctors will provide a minimum of four treatments, and these are typically scheduled between two and three days apart. Patients will want to talk with their doctors to determine the best treatment plan for their needs.

What is Recovery Like After EMsculpt?

Another common question that patients have is what they can expect after they have gone through treatment. Since this is not invasive, there is essentially no downtime. After the procedure, patients can go on with their day as normal. There is virtually no pain, but it might feel like patients have undergone a hard workout.

Because there is no surgery and because there is no recovery time, there is no reason that anyone else needs to know that the patient has gone through the procedure. Many people are hesitant to have cosmetic surgery because they worry about what other people will say. With this treatment, they will never have to worry about anyone knowing they have had EMsculpt.

How Fast Can Results Be Seen?

While patients will start to feel results once they have undergone just one procedure, it tends to take a bit longer for the results to be visible. The muscle contractions will feel like the patient has undergone an intense workout, but the visible results tend to be reported between two and four weeks after the patient has completed their final session. They often see continued improvements for several weeks after the treatment.

Diet and Exercise Alone Are Not Always Enough

Doctors will always encourage people to eat right and to get plenty of exercise. It helps them to reduce some weight naturally and to provide natural sculpting of their form. However, many people find that dieting and getting exercise will only get them so far. They have improved their shape as much as they can naturally, but there are still deposits of fat that won’t go away or muscles that refuse to tone. In those cases, it can be helpful to work with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit. Procedures like EMsculpt could be the perfect solution. It is a safe and non-invasive way to get over the final hurdle, so people can finally get the bodies that they want and deserve.

Work with a Great Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic in Detroit

Patients should keep in mind that not all clinics are offering this procedure. They will want to take the time to find a dermatology professional in the area who offers the treatment and who has experience using the technology.