Patients seeking information and treatment for a variety of cosmetic procedures should make an appointment to see a Detroit-area dermatologist. Board-certified dermatologists can advise patients and treat cosmetic concerns. Consultations can include advice about topical solutions such as ointments or creams, oral medications for various conditions, or even surgery. A person might want to firm and tone skin using injectables such as Botox® or may require surgery to remove skin growths.


Another way a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit can help patients is through body-shaping to eliminate unwanted fat cells and improve muscle strength. Fat cells can be frozen, or the dermatologist might use ultrasonic waves to melt fat. Depending on the specific needs and desires of each patient, the dermatologist can advise the patient about the best procedures. One new innovative procedure is EMsculpt.


New Trend in Cosmetic Body Shaping


EMsculpt is the hot new trend in body contouring. It is a relatively new technique using cutting-edge technology. It is completely non-invasive. The amazing thing is that it breaks up and rids the body of unwanted fat cells while it builds muscles at the same time. More and more patients are requesting this technique which has been studied over the last few years in seven clinical trials in the United States. Based on these research studies, EMsculpt has been proven safe and effective for both men and women. The only people who should not use it are pregnant women or those who have a metal-based intrauterine device, people with metal implants, such as a knee or hip replacement, or individuals with pacemakers.


The EM in EMsculpt means electromagnetic. It is a high-intensity electromagnetic technology used to sculpt the body. EMsculpt targets five specific areas of the body: the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs. A patient contemplating using EMsculpt will want to see a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit who can advise the individual about using this revolutionary new technique.


How Does EMsculpt Work?


The patient using EMsculpt will have flat rubber paddles or bands attached to the area of the body that requires sculpting. Larger areas, such as the abdomen, would use a flat paddle; a smaller area such as the arms would use bands. One could think of it as using a similar-sized heating pad, but it does so much more. During a thirty-minute procedure, the paddles or bands deliver thousands of electromagnetic contractions to the targeted area, equal to around six months of strenuous exercise. The individual lies down, and the machine does all the work.


As the machine works, muscle tissue responds to the contractions the machine generates. The machine remodels the inner structure of the body, burning fat while building muscle and contouring the body. For the patient, it is like doing twenty thousand sit-ups, which no one could ever do in just thirty minutes, all while lying down. Towards the end of the treatment, the machine flushes lactic acid from the body to minimize any soreness from the contractions. The patient could conceivably receive the treatment during lunch hour and return to work right away. It is advisable, though, to wait at least several hours and preferably a day to resume a workout routine.

Number and Cost of Treatments


The individual will need four EMsculpt treatments, about two or three days apart, over a two-week period. Many patients report good results almost immediately. Clothes may fit better after just the first treatment, with even better outcomes after the final treatment or even two to four weeks later. Improvement continues for about three months after the last treatment. After about six months, the patient should begin a maintenance program to keep muscles strong and in great shape. Some people are so happy with the treatments that they return every month for maintenance.


Each thirty-minute treatment will cost between seven hundred and one thousand dollars. Therefore, the cost would be around three thousand to four thousand dollars over a two-week period. It might be possible to use a coupon to save around thirty-five percent on each treatment. The Detroit cosmetic dermatologist may be able to suggest where a coupon might be available, or the patient can search for a coupon online.


Who Is a Good Candidate for EMsculpt?


The best candidate for an EMsculpt treatment is an individual in good health, already in good shape, and at an ideal weight or within twenty pounds of it, who just wants some contouring or body-shaping done. Perhaps it is a person who works out regularly but just cannot seem to get rid of abdominal fat or “love handles.” This individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index) should be no higher than twenty-five. BMI is based on a candidate’s height and weight; it can be calculated by the dermatologist or it can be done online. If the individual is overweight, the patient would need to diet and exercise to get to the ideal weight range before beginning treatments. A person who is experiencing back pain would also be a candidate, as the procedure can strengthen back muscles and improve posture.


Benefits of EMsculpt


Building and strengthening muscles, which comprise thirty-five percent of the body, while also burning fat cells, is the chief benefit of EMsculpt. Stronger muscles contribute to better balance, strengthening of the immune system, and wound healing. Patients will realize a fifteen to sixteen percent increase in muscle mass, along with a nineteen to twenty percent reduction of fat cells. With the abdominal treatment, people see a waistline reduction of around nineteen percent and a five-time increase in fat metabolism. The procedure leads to an eleven percent reduction in abdominal muscle separation that may occur with pregnancy. Eighty percent of patients see a visible lifting of the buttocks area after four treatments on that part of the body. People who have used EMsculpt report a ninety-six percent satisfaction rate with the treatment.


Other benefits are a slender-looking body, clothes that fit better, an increase in muscle mass, and all-around self-confidence. A cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit can answer any questions patients might have and can help those individuals on the road to better health and happiness.