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Whether you are looking to erase those deep smile lines or more delicate lip lines, BELOTERO BALANCE® can help. It provides soft and even correction of your age lines for a younger looking appearance. BELOTERO BALANCE® is a natural dermal filler containing components that exist in your skin already to fill in wrinkles and folds on your face. After just one injection you will notice the difference and start to feel more confident right away.


The secret is that BELOTERO BALANCE® adapts to your unique skin to provide meaningful and lasting results for women of all ages. This is what sets it apart from other dermal fillers on the market and what allows it to create such a natural look.

Smoother Skin

BELOTERO BALANCE®Women who have used BELOTERO BALANCE® to smooth and correct skin report looking more naturally younger, more rested and more refreshed. Unlike some of the other skin treatments and solutions out there, BELOTERO BALANCE® does not change your overall appearance, it takes your unique look and makes it even better. Anicka explains this well when she says, “I love how rested I look. Not overdone or fake… BELOTERO is subtle and gave me the results I wanted. It worked with my skin, and just took care of those thin lines and wrinkles, but still let me have my own look. Better – but still me.”

More Confidence

When you look younger, you feel more confident! If you are worried about the effects of aging, BELOTERO BALANCE® can help give you back the confidence and excitement that you are looking for no matter what your age. The people around you will notice your improved skin, but they will not be able to pin point why you look so great.

In the Best Hands

Patients who are looking for cosmetic dermatology in Michigan head to Grosse Pointe, Michigan to have Dr. Balle perform their procedures. He is the only physician in Michigan that has the experience required to train other doctors in the safest and most effective BELOTERO BALANCE® injection procedures. At Grosse Pointe Dermatology, Dr. Balle will do your injections himself, putting your skin in expert hands so you can be sure you’ll get the very best results. In fact, withBELOTERO BALANCE®, you can expect immediate results. So if you reside in the Southeast Michigan areas of Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Birmingham or Novi, why not contact Dr. Balle’s clinic for a consultation today?