neck injectionsLiving with a double chin can be tough. You can be as fit as an Olympic sprinter and still have a double chin to deal with. For people that live with it, it can crush self-confidence for a number of reasons.


A double chin can add many years to a face. No one can escape the impression of old age when they see someone with a double chin.


A double chin can make a person seem less healthy than they really are. Even if they have eaten a raw diet for months and not touched a piece of chocolate for ages, the double chin will still persist.


Living with a double chin is a constant reminder that the person did not win the genetic lottery. This leads to the ultimate conclusion about double chins that we all must come to: they can be genetic, and are not necessarily representative of a person’s diet or lifestyle choices.



Hereditary and Double Chins


Double chins are a lot like the shape of the eyes or the kind of lips that people have. They are a physical feature of a person that can be inherited from parents and grandparents, etc. So there really is no need to feel awkward about it because after all it is just another unique quality of a person that contributes to the fact that we are all so different.


However, for those who want to take care of their double chin once and for all, there is a solution. The solution is injectable called Kybella. This product has been designed by Allergan, a leading cosmetic dermatology company, to deal specifically with the double chin phenomenon. This treatment is designed to streamline fullness under the chin, also known as submental fat. Using deoxycholic acid has been proven to be effective an effective and permanent solution. Dermatologists in Sterling Heights and beyond have found it to be one of the best anti-aging procedures because it brings continuity back to the jawline and neck shape.