Even if you feel like your skincare routine and daily habits are perfect, there are some issues that could pop up. Some will go away on their own, and others will need to be treated. Some can be dealt with at home, and others will require professional care, like a dermatologist in Sterling Heights. If you’ve never been to a dermatologist before, you might not know when to go or what to expect. We’re here to help.

Dealing with Acne and Keratosis

If you only have one or two small spots, you can most likely use drugstore products to make them disappear. However, if you have a tendency to get a lot of blemishes and bumps that won’t go away, you might want to see a dermatologist. There could be an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with, and your doctor will help you pinpoint what’s causing your acne or keratosis.

Resolving Itching and Rashes

Before you call for an appointment, there are a few things to look into at home. Check to see if the clothing you’re wearing is causing skin irritation. A new lotion or soap could also be the culprit. When these aren’t the answer, and when over the counter itch creams aren’t doing the trick, you should see the doctor to find out what’s causing the rash and to find some relief.

Correcting Skin Discoloration

Having patches of skin discoloration can be annoying and even embarrassing for some. Luckily, dermatology in Sterling Heights is available and a visit with Dr. Balle and Dr. Lipinski can help you understand why the discoloration is occurring and how to correct it. While there are some over the counter products designed to deal with these problems, the products in our office are stronger and more effective for serious cases.

Addressing Persistent Skin Disorders

Some skin issues will cause a momentary annoyance but will quickly go away and life will go right back to normal. In other cases, the issue will be persistent and will continue causing problems until dealt with by a professional. Seek help with problems like ongoing dandruff, nail fungus, and warts. Dealing with these problems early on will help you move on with your life quickly.

Being Happier with Your Body

There are some things like excess fat or fine lines showing on the face that may not be a danger to your health but are certainly not ideal. If you find that your self-esteem is suffering as a result of not being happy with your body, a dermatologist may be able to offer the services you need. We offer services like wrinkle fillers and Cool Sculpting that can help you develop the body confidence that you deserve.

Call us at 313-886-2600 to make your appointment today. Our helpful staff will help you schedule your appointment, prepare for your visit, and address any concerns you might have. Call our office for dermatology in Sterling Heights today and take a step toward addressing your condition and regaining your confidence.