It’s been said ad nauseam that the only natural way to obtain an ideal body (by modern standards) is to have a healthy diet and exercise. Even then, the results will only reveal themselves after months of hard work.

It requires a will greater than most people could muster. That’s why not everyone is a bodybuilder. But lots of folks always look for a shortcut, cheat code, or lifehack, something that doesn’t need as much hard work but has similar benefits.

It’s this search for a shortcut that leaves so many vulnerable to scams and lies vowing to change their bodies. As a consequence of all the scams out there taking advantage of easily-trusting people who thought they could achieve their ideal figure in a day or a week, any claim to do this is viewed with extreme suspicion, and rightly so. But when the scientific community, as well as experts confirm a set of findings, it’s hard to argue with the research. This is the case with EmSculpt.

In short, EmSculpt promises to reduce fat and tone the body in just a few sessions. Results are visible within a day or two, although full results may not be seen for a month. It appears too good to be true, yet it is. Ask any cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit or elsewhere, they will tell you that the research is incredibly strong and in favor of this technology. Plus, the FDA has approved it. Here below is a general overview of EmSculpt and all the relevant details one needs to be aware of.

What’s EmSculpt

EmSculpt is a non-invasive procedure, meaning it’s not like surgery, and nothing actively enters your body. This automatically makes it much more palatable for many compared to other fat-reduction procedures since most of them are invasive. It’s a technology with wide mass appeal. The “EM” stands for electromagnetic, and the sculpt refers to how it can change the appearance of one’s body just as an artist may sculpt a statue.

Concerning cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, the technology not only exists but is also similar all over the country, and the same clinical trials that have promising results can be used to prove its efficacy if the right candidate is chosen for treatment.

The procedure itself is based on contracting the muscles; we’re talking about abdominal muscles here. Other body parts relative to this treatment will also be mentioned below. The muscle contraction is what usually happens when one exercises, like when doing push-ups. The difference here is in the number of contractions that happen within a certain amount of time.

EmSculpt induces approximately the equivalent of 20000 contractions in 30 minutes. That’s a level of exercise even an Olympic gold medalist wouldn’t come close to accomplishing in 30 minutes. If you think otherwise, just try to contract your muscle 20000 times in half an hour. But how can this technology contract abdominal muscles so many times in just a few minutes?

What Happens In The Body

The technology deploys electromagnetic energy to contract what are known as supramaximal muscles. These muscles can’t be contracted via exercise and voluntary activities. Such levels of contractions are beyond anything one would feel in their entire life. It’s outside of the natural experiences we have.

The electromagnetic waves are of high intensity. When the electromagnetic energy reaches its target, the muscles are struck by lightning surprise and subsequently and understandably panic. It’s obviously not natural for the body to go through such an intense, dare say, impossible workout in such a short time. It’s like nothing the body has ever experienced. So how does the body react to this miraculous supposed workout?

The body decides to break down fat cells for the energy it needs for the workout (which, in actuality, isn’t happening). When the fat cells break down their content, it produces fatty acids, which, if abundant, will destroy the fat cells themselves, and this is exactly what transpires. Other cells will eventually metabolize the destroyed fat cells; hence, there are no concerns about excess waste.

This is how technology gets rid of fat. But what about muscle building? After all, the technology has “sculpt” in its name. One of the many advantages that EmSulpt has over other similar procedures is muscle construction in addition to fat burning. As electromagnetic energy is directed towards them, the muscles undergo an intense transformation, inducing a dramatic response. The changing of the inner structure tones and builds muscle.

Who Should Use It

The procedure has been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration); it’s harmless for just about everybody, and it’s more efficient just to say who isn’t eligible for the procedure. First of all, pregnant women can’t use it for obvious reasons. (No, it doesn’t give the baby a six-pack)

Also, if someone has electronics in their body, like a pacemaker, the procedure may interfere with the device, and it won’t be worth the risk. Any metal in the body, prior heart disease, epilepsy, and a few other restrictions exist on using EmSculpt.

There are no age restrictions for the procedure. Even though most people qualify for it, EmSculpt is most effective when the men/women trying it out are close to their ideal weight. It’s not that people with higher BMIs won’t benefit from EmSculpt, but they’ll have their muscles still covered with fat, making the procedure less effective and harder to detect and see afterward.

What Happens After the Session

Nothing happens after the session is completed. There is no recovery period, and the patient can go on with their day normally. There’s no discomfort after the procedure. If the patient experiences any discomfort during the procedure for any reason, it ends when the procedure concludes.

The results will be apparent a day or two after, but EmSculpt isn’t limited to one session. Four sessions are recommended; the sessions should be a few days apart, and the ultimate outcome should be visible within a few weeks after the final session.

Why Use EmSculpt

The technology has multiple superiorities over other similar procedures. Being non-invasive makes it much more comfortable compared to other methods. No one likes their stomach to be opened up, do they?. Another advantage is there’s no need for anesthesia. This is another plus for EmSculpt.