Those who enjoy bodybuilding understand the need for intense muscle contractions in order for the body to contour to their desired shape. They do curls and crunches, lifts and more, in order to sculpt the targeted areas of the body. Interestingly enough, the days of old fashioned gym routines in order to shape muscle may be at an end for patients eager to make the most of cosmetic dermatology options in Detroit.

There is something new known as Emsculpt emerging, and it promises those who want sculpted figures lots of good results. Working with a cosmetic dermatologist, patients can experience the remarkable effects that “high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy” will cause, and particularly when used to trigger “supramaximal contractions”. These are the kinds of involuntary contractions that can lead to deep changes in tone and strength and are impossible to get in the gym.

Instead, a person eager to improve abdominal tone, strengthen their abdominal muscles, develop a firmer abdomen, and tone the buttocks may visit a provider of cosmetic services to help reach their goals.

Detroit Cosmetic Service Benefits – Emsculpt Requires No Downtime

HIFEM technology, the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy mentioned earlier, causes powerful muscle contractions. The tissue responds to these demands by remodeling its innermost structure and actually building and developing. This results in sculpting the body at the most intense levels and is something that is just not possible through voluntary movements done in a gym or fitness class but only at the hands of a skilled cosmetic dermatologist.

As noted, another of the benefits (apart from no heavy workouts to sculpt deep muscle tissue) is that it also requires no downtime. Yet, there are still further benefits, and particularly the fat burning that the treatment creates.

What a Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Do with Emsculpt

For those interested in getting treatments in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, and particularly the Emsculpt treatment, it is helpful to understand what it involves and what the dermatologist can do. It begins with the patient choosing the area to target. The Emsculpt device then causes roughly twenty thousand muscle contractions in that area within the 30-minute session.

This is well beyond the norm of something that an endless number of crunches could ever achieve. Instead, the intensity of the pulses cause muscles to respond in a way that is meant to supply energy to overworked muscles and to protect tissue. The pulses cause fat cells to break down and enter the bloodstream as fatty acids. This causes all surrounding fat cells encountered by the fatty acids to die off and be metabolized by the body.

In other words, patients lie on the treatment table and the paddles used during this service do all of the work. The muscles also undergo baseline changes at the cellular level, beginning to strengthen and thicken with the contractions.

How fast can a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit generate results? Most patients enjoy a rapid experience and will see fat reduction and muscle toning within days of treatment. Many have this type of dermatology treatment over the course of four sessions spaced just a few days apart. Within a two to four-week time frame, the results begin to really finalize. Most compare it to the same results of dieting and exercising for up to six months, but this can be done in four simple office visits instead.

The areas most commonly targeted are the abdomen and the glutes. The method can be used to target specific areas of fat and muscle, which means that something like the buttocks can actually be toned slightly without losing its desired shape.

What Does Emsculpt Feel Like?

When done by a trained cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit, the treatment has no downside. However, it is imperative to remember that it is pulsing the muscles intensely and for roughly 30 minutes at a time. This can lead to tightening of the muscles and even some tingling during and after the time when the treatment is done.

Patients should be prepared to physically see muscles move involuntarily when being treated, and many people report that a sensation of “tapping” on certain muscles is a very memorable part of the treatment. Anyone receiving treatment should be able to leave the office and go about the day. There is not any sort of post-treatment fatigue as there is during an intense muscle workout either.

Is anyone a candidate for the Emsculpt treatment? There are only a few individuals who must be careful about this approach to body sculpting. Naturally, pregnant women are unable to get this sort of intense treatment. Those with implanted devices that are made of metal or sensitive to the kinds of waves the device creates (i.e. those with pacemakers) are not good candidates. The heat generated by the pulses may cause short-circuiting or malfunctions. Otherwise, almost anyone can benefit from this treatment.

Getting Started with a Consultation from a Detroit Dermatologist

Anyone eager to learn more about Emsculpt should contact a qualified cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit. The right provider will be able to offer patients an evaluation and review the treatment options most effective for their needs. It could be that Emsculpt is part of a broader body sculpting program, and it could be incorporated into other treatments and options.

Whether it is fat burning or muscle toning and sculpting, Emsculpt is one of the most exciting options around. It requires a minimum of four sessions at only half of an hour each (making total treatment just four hours) and takes only two to three days between treatments. That means anyone could have a new figure within just two weeks’ time. It gives similar effects as an intense workout and yet does not cause extreme fatigue and soreness that hours in the gym or in fitness training typically cause.

Emsculpt done by an expert in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit is non-invasive, requires no downtime and generates long-lasting results in days. It remains effective over the long term and can be a key component to a new figure or body sculpting plan. Interested patients should seek a consultation today.