nordlys image 2Nordlys Laser is an effective tool for a wide variety of skin treatment options.  It is especially designed to treat vascular and pigmented lesions with a sub-millisecond pulse that makes it possible to reach depths of the skin that were previously inaccessible.  Equipped with 8 selective waveband applicators and a user-friendly interface, dermatologists across the country are quickly incorporating this new laser technology into their offices.


What Does the Nordlys Laser Treat?

The Nordlys Laser treats a long list of skin-related symptoms and is the go-to instrument for treating a wide variety of skin conditions.  Some of these conditions include:


  • Vascular Lesions:These are a type of skin condition in which malformations exist in the capillaries, veins, and blood vessels of the skin.  While there is not much pain associated with vascular lesion, the visual signs are hard to miss.  They often appear on the surface of the skin as red or blue networks of veins or blood vessels.  They are hereditary, and up until now have been challenging for dermatologists to treat.  The laser treatment offered via the Nordlys technology is based on light therapy.  A controlled pulse of light is directed into the upper skin region where the lesion exists.  This light is turned into heat by the hemoglobin contained in the red blood cells of the skin.  This process is known as selective photothermolysis, and is the same basic method used to treat the next two types of skin ailment.
  • Pigmented Lesions:Pigmented Lesions usually come about because of sun damage over time.  They appear on the surface of the skin as little brown spots that can grow in number across the body.  Treatment is accomplished via light therapy in a similar way to vascular lesion treatment.  However, with pigmented lesions, the light is absorbed by melanin, converted into heat, and used to destroy the keratinocytes which has trapped the melanin and produced the lesions.
  • Acne:Acne is a very common skin condition that can arise at any time in skin that is not well treated.  The Nordlys laser machine relies on selective photothermolysis to get at the blood vessels that are supporting the glands that produce acne.

These are only three of the many types of skin conditions that can be effectively treated with Nordlys Laser technology.