When a person has radiant skin, it makes them look healthy and full of vitality. However, when a person’s skin is dull, it can make them look unhealthy and much older than their actual age. Cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit want their patients to understand that dull skin is usually the body attempting to send a message that something isn’t right. This could be an excessive amount of stress or an indication of a poor diet. It is important to find the root cause in order to restore the skin back to its healthy glow.


Dull Skin Explained

According to cosmetic dermatology sources in Detroit and beyond, dull skin is lacking in luster and radiance. It can appear limp or sallow. There is no dewiness, and the texture of the skin can be chalky, rough, or flaky. In fact, “dull” is actually a bit of a catchall because it can be used to describe the color, the tone, or the texture of the skin.

The following reasons for dullness can be combatted with the tips provided. However, it is also a good idea for those that feel like their skin has lost its vitality to visit their cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit for more intensive treatments.

Dehydration of the Skin or the Body

When the body is not getting the optimal amount of water, the skin can pay the toll. The water content of the body can ebb and flow, and the skin will naturally absorb and lose water throughout the course of the day. When the face is washed, water is added. However, the environment can cause water to evaporate from the skin, especially in places where the humidity is naturally low.

The outer layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum, and when it is dehydrated, the cells deflate, giving the face a sallow appearance. However, when the skin is properly hydrated, the cells plump up and make the skin look dewy and much more youthful.

In order to reduce dullness, the body and the skin will need to be properly hydrated. Cosmetologists in Detroit will stress the importance of drinking the proper amount of water each day. In addition to water consumption, skin serums can be used to lock moisture into the skin and keep the cells in the stratum corneum plump and hydrated. Cosmetic dermatology offices in Detroit often carry a full line of products that can be used to erase dullness.

Too Many Dead Skin Cells

When a person takes the time to exfoliate the skin properly, it will reflect the light and look flawlessly smooth. This is because the process of exfoliation removes all of the dead skin cells that are built up on the surface of the skin. This build-up can cause the face or body to appear dull and flaky. Plus, the dead cells keep the light from reflecting off of the skin and giving it that youthful glow.

Cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit can offer many different types of exfoliating treatments to get the skin back to its smooth and flawless state. There are also many different exfoliating treatments that can be done at home, but it is important that the skin is not over-exfoliated to the point of being irritated or red.

Another option that can be achieved at the cosmetic dermatology office in Detroit or the surrounding area is a chemical peel. These peels can remove the top layer of dead skin cells and leave the patient with bright, glowing skin. Peels can be intense, and they often leave the skin red and inflamed for a couple of days. It is not recommended for patients to get them immediately before a big event like a wedding or vacation.

The Skin is Dirty

Any cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit will express the importance of cleaning the skin on a daily basis. Unclean skin can be covered with dead cells, old makeup, natural oils, and remnants from dirt in the environment. All of that debris can give the skin a very dull look while also being rather unhygienic and leading to breakouts.

It is important to keep the skin clean by removing all makeup at the end of the day. Thoroughly washing the face will keep it glowing, but cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit warn of the dangers of over-washing which can actually dry out the skin even more.

The Body is Worn Down and Tired

Cosmetic dermatologists warn about the effects of stress and lack of sleep can have on the skin. Just like the rest of the vital parts of the body, skin cells will show the lack of sleep and excessive stress by looking dull and sallow.

It is recommended that everyone get a good night’s sleep, which includes seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep time. Some people can get away with a little less and still have a flawless complexion, but some people may need a little more to avoid dark circles under their eyes. Vibrant skin will only occur when the body isn’t worn down.

Many cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit will recommend exercising several times per week. This helps in many ways. It can help relieve stress, it can lead to a good night’s sleep, and the extra blood flow to the face can naturally brighten the skin.

Get That Vibrant Glow

In order for the skin to give off a vibrant glow and not look dull, the body must be taken care of inside and out. Cosmetic dermatology can help people achieve their desired looks, but it is just as important for the body to be properly hydrated and healthy. This means finding ways to productively deal with stress, getting a good night’s sleep, and exercising several times per week. A healthy body, regular dermatology care, and a fresh, clean face will give patients the vibrant glow they are seeking.