Frustrated Enhance Your Appearance with Non-Invasive Body Contouring

 Fighting a muffin top? Or love handles, rolls, bulges, flab, middle-age spread, or a spare tire? The truth of the matter is that whatever people call it, the fatty places on their bodies that resist diet and exercise are troublesome, to say the least. Diet and exercise-resistant fat that collects around the midsection, buttocks, or thighs has been a common complaint for many over the years. It can be frustrating, embarrassing, and downright discouraging to not only strictly follow a healthy diet but to spend hours and hours at the gym working out or running several miles a week, only to have those stubborn pockets of fat refuse to disappear.

Rounder and Firmer Butt?

Rather than working hard to reduce certain areas, some people prefer to enhance them. Some individuals don’t have fat they want to target. They simply wish for a rounder, firmer butt. All the workouts in the world just won’t achieve that highly sought-after “bubble butt.” The invasive “Brazilian Butt Lift” or buttock implants used to be the only options out there. Now EmSculpt® is making lots of people extremely happy with their appearance in a pair of tight jeans or while jogging on the beach in a bikini.

The Skinny on Fat Cells

Fat cells (adipocytes) in humans are developed during childhood. While it’s true that obese individuals have more fat cells overall than do lean individuals, the number of fat cells developed when people are young remains constant as the years march on, regardless of whether the individuals have a lean physique or a physique that’s on the heavier side. While eating a healthy diet can shrink fat cells, they are not eliminated by diet or exercise, hence those little deposits of stubborn fat that drive people crazy.

What’s a Person to Do?

When exercise and diet won’t alleviate the love handles and people want a leaner look, there is a new procedure on the market designed to help rid them of these unsightly bulges, rolls, spare tires, or flabby spots. It’s called EMSculpt. While EMSculpt isn’t a substitute for exercise, it enhances a person’s time spent sweating in the gym and yields excellent results in only a few pain-free, 30-minute sessions. What’s not to like about that?

About EMSculpt

EMSculpt was launched in 2018 by BTL, one of the top developers and manufacturers specializing in medical and aesthetic equipment/procedures. The only FDA-approved procedure of its kind, EMSculpt assists both males and females in building muscle and burning fat. Unlike other procedures, such as CoolSculpting®, EMSculpt targets both fat and muscle via the direction of electromagnetic pulses, which are focused on the problem areas. These pulses cause the patient’s muscles to contract in a manner that cannot be achieved by working out. These muscle contractions, administered through the EMSculpt procedure, cause the muscle to re-build itself; in turn, any fat in the area begins to disappear. Another benefit: The muscles affected release chemicals which trigger them to break down fat.

Zero in on the Body Part(s) That Need Treatment

Whether it be the person’s buttocks, abdomen, arms, thighs, or calves, EMSculpt is effective and improves muscle tone and firmness. By choosing the area on which they want to focus, individuals seeking EMSculpt treatments can partner with their Detroit cosmetic dermatology office and work with a licensed provider to create a plan to achieve the desired results. A firmer derriere, less pooch in the tummy, or firmer, more defined arms and calves are all possible with painless, easy EMSculpt treatments. While it’s not a replacement for exercise, EMSculpt is perfect for people who are at or near their desired body mass index (BMI).

EmSculpt Sessions are Quick and Easy

To start with, four sessions scheduled every two to three days is recommended by licensed EMSculpt providers in Detroit cosmetic dermatology clinics. People in Detroit are astonished that they can conveniently schedule these pain-free sessions on their lunch hour and head back to the office with no restrictions immediately following treatment. Most patients notice results from EMSculpt in a mere two to six weeks post-treatment. The tightening and firming effects continue to enhance the treated areas for up to six months after the first treatment.

Avoid Invasive Surgery and the Downtime that Accompanies It

Tummy tucks, liposuction, buttock implants, or butt lifts are all invasive surgeries with lots of downtime, not to mention surgical scars. Not only are there painful recovery periods after invasive surgery, but there are also lots of restrictions placed on the individual’s activities of daily living during the recovery time. Not so with EMSculpt! It seems almost too good to be true, yet many a patient will attest to the ease of treatment, painless sessions, and rapid results achieved in their Detroit cosmetic dermatology clinic. There is absolutely no discomfort, and most patients see an average decrease in fat by 19% and an average increase in muscle mass by 16%!

 Improve Confidence in Appearance

The lack of self-confidence that’s centered around a person’s appearance is a common complaint for many. Whether it be lack of muscle tone in the arms or calves or certain flabby areas that just won’t go away despite rigorous gym routines and diet plans, EMSculpt is a revolutionary solution. Not only is it non-invasive, but it’s also pain-free and easy to schedule. Looking good in a bathing suit, in gym attire, or in a tight pair of jeans used to seem virtually unattainable for many individuals, but EMSculpt is a game-changer. Many people in Detroit are absolutely singing its praises. Opting for a nonsurgical method at a Detroit cosmetic dermatology clinic to reduce stubborn pockets of fat and improve muscle mass is truly the way to go!

 Take the First Step to See the EMSculpt Difference!

Schedule an appointment with a Detroit cosmetic dermatology clinic. A no-obligation consultation can easily be set up with a Detroit cosmetic dermatology provider to talk about areas the patient is seeking to reduce or enhance. A tailored plan will be set up, and the patient seeking to achieve more self-confidence regarding their appearance is well on the way to achieving the body of their dreams.