With summer right around the corner, everyone begins thinking of optimizing their bodies for swimsuit season. Of course, diet and exercise are the best long-term solution for a healthy body, but they generally take months to “pay off.” So how can one see quicker, more satisfying results in just a matter of days or weeks? By seeing a dermatologist in Sterling Heights for anti-aging procedures, skin treatments, and body contouring to get them ready for summer shorts, skirts, and bathing suits.


For women with less-than-perfect legs, summer can be a difficult season. Of course, they want to stay cool in the hot weather and enjoy the freedom and coolness of shorts and skirts, but they’re often self-conscious about their legs and feel the need to cover up in pants…not ideal in the middle of a humid July day. For women with spider or varicose veins, dark body hair, heavy thighs, stretch marks, or even scarring, a trip to the dermatologist in Sterling Heights can help alleviate anxiety and embarrassment when donning summer attire.


Nordlys Offers Dozens of Treatment Possibilities for Legs


Nordlys by Ellipse is a multi-functional laser treatment system, capable of accomplishing – in one device – what used to require several different laser technologies. Known as “Scandinavia’s best-kept aesthetic secret,” Nordlys is a vascular treatment that uses selective photothermolysis, whereby a specific target area is selectively heated up and destroyed without damaging surrounding tissue. Its uses and applications are abundant and can all help get one’s legs ready for summer.


  • Leg Veins – Spider and varicose veins are a fact of life for many women. Often, they are genetic or can worsen during pregnancy, after weight gain, or when standing for long periods of time, day in and day out. While they rarely cause pain, they are very visible when the legs are exposed, which can be a deterrent for wanting to wear skirts, shorts, and swimsuits. Luckily, there are treatments to reduce the appearance of these veins, including Nordlys. Using this laser treatment can increase “clearance” of the veins under the skin quickly with minimal discomfort.


  • Hair Removal – For many women with dark hair, the advent of warmer weather means having to shave legs daily. It’s a hassle, it’s time-consuming, and by evening, there’s already some stubble growing back! Those with lighter hair are a bit luckier, but no one loves taking the time to shave their legs and even less so their bikini area. What would it be like to never shave those areas again? To be able to spontaneously accept an offer to go to the pool or beach without having to decline or pause and take a shower to shave everything? With laser hair removal, that possibility can be a reality.

    This type of hair removal works by allowing controlled pulses of light to penetrate the epidermis, with the melanin in the hair converting the light into heat, damaging the hair follicles’ ability to produce new hair. Several treatments – a few weeks apart – are often necessary, but each only takes a few minutes with minimal discomfort, and the hair grows back slower and thinner after each treatment. Not only can legs and bikini areas be treated, but the underarms and upper lip can also be taken care of at the same time, eliminating all unwanted body hair within a few months.


  • Scars and Stretch Marks – Another useful application of the Nordlys laser treatment by a dermatologist in Sterling Heights is to remove the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Scars from surgery or injury can be treated with Nordlys, which replaces collagen in the skin by stimulating a vascular response in the blood vessels surrounding the scar. It works in a similar way to improve the look of broken elastin fibers in the skin from stretchmarks. So, whether stretch marks are on the thighs or stomach, their appearance can be minimized with a few laser treatments a few weeks apart to have skin refreshed and ready for the pool or beach.


Body Contouring to Achieve Confidence This Summer


In addition to improving the appearance of the skin on one’s legs and torso, dermatology patients may also want to slim down those areas, as well, to be able to show off thinner thighs, a tighter derriere, or a flatter belly in their swimwear. A cosmetic dermatologist can recommend the best body contouring treatment to achieve these looks for each patient. Two popular non-surgical treatments are CoolSculpting and EMsculpt.

  • CoolSculpting – Imagine eliminating unwanted “jiggle” without having to constantly diet and work out for hours each week! Rather than just shrinking the size of fat cells, as losing weight does, CoolSculpting actually freezes away fat cells until they’re broken down and eliminated from the body forever – all with no surgery or anesthesia required and no downtime after treatments. A CoolSculpting treatment involves having a gel sheet placed over the problem area, then a wand connected to a cooling machine is passed over the area, freezing fat cells without disturbing the skin or other tissues.


  • EMsculpt – To go a step further and build muscular definition, EMsculpt treatments are the ideal choice for patients looking to improve muscle tone in their legs, buttocks, and stomach this summer. During an EMsculpt treatment, the muscles in targeted areas are stimulated, creating powerful muscle contractions not possible with voluntary contractions like sit-ups or squats. These powerful contractions force the muscles to adapt their inner structure, resulting in muscle building and contouring in a much shorter timeframe than doing thousands of repetitions at the gym! Results can be seen within two to four weeks and continue to improve with each session.


Achieving a Beach-Ready Body


While most people seek out a cosmetic dermatologist for facial anti-aging procedures, Sterling Heights dermatologists can also provide many other services for the whole body. Whether the goal is to improve the appearance of skin on the legs, thighs, or stomach, or reduce fat and improve muscle, non-surgical procedures from a licensed dermatologist can help patients to prepare for skin-baring summer weather with confidence.