It takes only a few minutes of scrolling through social media or watching TV to see that a toned and trim body is one of the most coveted accomplishments. It takes tremendous dedication, effort, and time to get a physique that looks and feels great. Sadly, not everyone can get the results they want even when they work out daily, watch everything they eat, and practice exercises experts swear will bring a “six pack” or a toned bottom. Fortunately, EMsculpt exists and can help anyone reach the goals they desire but have been unable to achieve.

Speak with a Cosmetic Dermatologist in Detroit about EMsculpt

While many think that cosmetic dermatology in Detroit is all about skincare, it can also include body sculpting treatments like EMsculpt. This is a non-invasive treatment that uses a specialized device to help patients burn fat and build muscle mass. It is an FDA cleared energy device and it uses non-surgical HIFEM, or high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, that causes the muscles to contract. Known as supramaxial muscle contraction, it creates a unique pattern of muscle contractions during a 30 minute treatment.

The result is a series of muscle workouts that go well beyond what anyone might achieve with basic exercise or targeted strength training. There are few other options in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit that can promise such outcomes: when used on the abdomen, treatment with EMsculpt can generate results similar to performing more than 20k sit-ups, and when used on the glutes (butt muscles), more than 20k squats.

It helps with fat burning in multiple ways because it increases muscle tone and definition (i.e. muscle mass), which automatically boosts the fat burning throughout the body. It also helps the body with fat metabolism through a process known as lipolysis, which is the destroying of fat cells. So, it can tone the muscle of the buttocks or the abdomen without any exercise.

Common Questions for Experts in Cosmetic Dermatology in Detroit

Naturally, someone who wants to learn about EMsculpt from their cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit will have a lot of questions about the treatment. After all, many people are told that if something sounds “too good to be true, it probably is.” However, after clinical studies, the results of EMsculpt are inarguable. Consider that more than half of a dozen studies determined that:

  • Average fat reduction when EMsculpt is used as directed is 19%
  • Average increase of muscle mass when EMsculpt is used as directed is 16%
  • Most patients lost around 1.5 inches at the waistline
  • Most saw an average of five times the increase in fat metabolism
  • More than 80% saw a visible lifting of the buttocks

The most surprising thing to learn, however, is that most patients achieve such results with four thirty-

minute sessions over a two-week period. Additionally, many also have one treatment every three to six months to maintain the results.

This is why many will pay a visit to a specialist in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, and determine if they are a candidate. There are few who are not within the guidelines. Essentially, EMsculpt is ideal for those who are in good shape (i.e. regularly exercise and eat well). It is designed for those who cannot get the results they desire from their physically active lifestyle.

It is available from some cosmetic dermatologists in Detroit for those who are seeking to improve the look of the abdomen, triceps, buttocks, and thighs.

EMsculpt FAQs include:

Is it painful?

Ask a cosmetic dermatologist from Detroit about the discomfort of EMsculpt and most will agree that it is not at all painful. It may take some a few moments to get used to the muscle contractions (which are done without any input from the patient), but they are not painful. There may be some soreness afterward, and this will feel similar to a traditional workout.

Are there any special steps to use when preparing for EMsculpt treatment?

The expert in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit would say that there are no special steps or requirements in advance of treatment. However, just as someone would avoid a heavy meal before heading to the gym, a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit would advise those getting EMsculpt to do the same.

How long does it take?

Each session will last around 30 minutes or less, and most experts in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit will suggest four treatments in total over the course of four weeks. Keep in mind that the treatments have to be done on the individual areas, so if glutes and the abdomen are targeted, those would require separate trips to the cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit.

How fast does the patient see results?

When EMsculpt is done by an expert in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, a patient can expect to see results on the day after the first treatment and to enjoy noticeable improvements with each visit. By the fourth visit, the individual’s goals should be realized.

Can EMsculpt help a new mother with abdominal muscle separation issues after childbirth?

It would require a full consultation with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit to get a correct answer, but many studies have shown that it can be helpful, and is the first non-surgical option for improving the condition.

Determining Who is a Candidate for EMsculpt & Next Steps

Again, sitting down with an expert in cosmetic dermatology in Detroit is necessary to determine whether or not someone is a good candidate for EMsculpt. Those who have any sort of metal or electronic implants in the area of treatment are automatically ruled out, as are those with pacemakers. Anyone with an implanted neurostimulator or defibrillator is also unable to have treatment. Anyone with a drug pump, malignant tumor, epilepsy or a hemorrhagic condition is also not a good candidate. If one wants to learn more about the benefits of EMsculpt, it’s best to make an appointment with a specially trained cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit and find out all the options.