Laser treatments offer a number of health and beauty benefits to those that undergo the procedures. From hair removal to acne treatments, scar corrections, and more, laser technology is ideal for correcting common dermatology problems. But these treatments can be time-consuming if they are not performed with the Nordlys Laser. That’s because this laser offers patients in Sterling Heights the latest advancements in dermatology. If you are unaware of the benefits that this laser has to offer, continue reading below for an overview of its features.

Multiple Applicators

The main difference between Nordlys Laser and other standard laser devices is the ability for this machine to use multiple applications. This is a feature that is wholly unique to the device and cannot be found on other machines. The ability to change the application on the machine offers a number of benefits to both doctors and patients alike. That’s because this single piece of equipment will be able to perform multiple treatments. The ability for this machine to change its scope can help to save on time, money, and energy when it comes to treating patients. It can save on this as patients won’t have to visit multiple locations and specialists to receive help. Rather, the applicator on the Nordlys Laser can simply be changed to suit their needs.

Able to Target and Treat Multiple Problems

Just as it was mentioned above, the device has the ability to target and treat multiple skin conditions whereas other types of lasers do not. Some of these conditions it can treat include hair removal, leg veins, sun-damaged skin, scar removal, acne, and more. For this reason, the machine is more effective when compared to other devices as it can be applied to treat multiple conditions on a single patient during an appointment.


The treatment that the Nordlys Laser provides is highly accurate when compared to other devices. That’s because the machine has been developed using  selective waveband technology(SWT), which allows for more specific targeting of the treatment area. This technology differs because it has the ability to filter out unnecessary parts of the skin tissue and only affect the target concern. This makes a faster and more comfortable treatment experience. It is because of this that patients using the machine can guarantee they are receiving effective care, regardless of the scope of their skin issues.

Faster Treatments

One of the differences of the Nordlys Laser is that it offers patients a much faster way to treat their skin issue. That’s because the device can quickly be altered to change its form of treatment. This can result in less time having to wait for a specialist appointment or visiting multiple doctors to treat their issues, ultimately, resulting in a faster results when compared to other devices.