A person may spend some time thinking about visiting a cosmetic surgeon to address signs of aging in the face and neck. If so, it’s important to consider a cosmetic dermatologist in the Sterling Heights area. Why? Many do not realize that cosmetic dermatologists have just as many anti-aging procedures for their Sterling Heights area patients as a surgeon, and may even have superior options.

To better understand this issue, it helps if one takes a look at facial aging. Once a person sees how this naturally progresses, it makes more sense to meet with a dermatologist in the Sterling Heights area to explore all treatment options.

Facial Aging 101

How does the face age? There are changes to the bone, the fat, the muscle and the skin. Most of us think that aging hits only the skin, but it is actually due to a surprising number of changes we do not so obviously see beneath the surface.

As an example, over time, fat migrates away from certain areas of the face and neck, and pools in others. It is why one’s upper cheekbones become less pronounced, and our lower cheeks fill and sag. The areas of fat also become farther apart, causing more definition in the areas where it is redistributed. It is why the skin appears less smooth and supple over time.

The good news is that there are many anti-aging procedures from a Sterling Heights dermatologist that can counteract many of these unwelcome changes.

Overcoming Facial Aging

While no one can do much of anything about bone loss in the skull and face, which leads to loosening skin and the development of lines and “pre-jowl” wrinkles known as marionette lines, there are tactics that can reduce the consequences of bone loss and resorption. When paired with expert facial mapping and plans for anti-aging treatments, many changes can be made. In fact, one may be able to see his or her face become smoother, fuller and more balanced.

The most common route to undoing facial aging is to use a combination of:

  • Resurfacing treatments
  • Injectable treatments
  • Surgical options

The order in which one has treatments done depends on many factors. Anyone eager for some anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights will have to start with a thorough evaluation and consultation with a skilled dermatologist. They can take a close look at the different conditions of one’s face, including the thinning layer of fat, the level of collagen production, the amount of bone support beneath the face, and more.

The dermatologists are likely to suggest a number of solutions, and one of the first treatments will have to do with boosting collagen production. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen in all areas, and this leads to drier looking skin as well as skin that is far less dewy, supple and elastic. It is why so many facial products promise to “plump” the skin, giving it a more youthful level of volume.

Another tactic that a knowledgeable dermatologist in Sterling Heights will offer is to improve the condition of the skin. Often, resurfacing the skin is among the best anti-aging remedies. Treatments can include chemical peels and the use of specialty products along with microneedling and other remedies.

Fat levels may be difficult to change through anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights, but there are injectable treatments that can work in many ways to overcome the sagging that loss of facial fat can cause. Botox is one of the most famous for its ability to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. However, there are also fillers that plump up the skin and replace lost fat. Also, collagen stimulators can also be injected to trigger the skin to restore itself and become far more elastic and youthful.

Lastly, there are any number of devices that offer a non-invasive approach to anti-aging. Speaking with a skilled and innovative dermatologist in the Sterling Heights area may introduce individuals to some of the best options.

Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Procedures in Sterling Heights

Though one may think of a dermatologist as a medical expert who can address issues like acne, psoriasis, toenail fungus and other similar issues, a dermatologist in Sterling Heights can also offer some advanced anti-aging treatments. Non-invasive options include choices such as Ultherapy.

This ultrasound treatment “counteracts the effects of time and gravity on the skin” in an incredibly effective way. How? It actually cues the body’s regenerative response to allow for lifting under the chin, on the neck, in the décolletage and on the brow area. FDA approved for skin tightening; it is one of several impressive anti-aging procedures in Sterling Heights.

At a Grosse Pointe dermatology practice, patients can work with the expert providers to develop entirely customized treatment plans. The goal will be to first get skin in the healthiest condition possible. This means treating medical conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and any other issues, first. Healthy skin is always the foundation for better looking skin.

Once the skin is in good shape, the cosmetic dermatology treatments can begin. This could include resurfacing the skin along with targeted use of fillers to give the skin a much more youthful and healthier look. If collagen levels need further boosting, Ultherapy can be used, or Botox might be a better option if finer lines and wrinkles are to be improved for months at a time. The good news is that anti-aging solutions are readily available from a dermatologist in Sterling Heights. A custom treatment plan will be developed around the patient’s goals and needs, and soon one can begin seeing a lot of positive changes in the look and condition of the skin and neck. And because these treatments are provided by a dermatologist, a person can rest assured that he or she is receiving the best treatment for nails, hair, skin, and all other areas of the body.