When you live in Grosse Pointe, you are fortunate enough to have of options when it comes to the practitioners you see. Whether it’s your massage therapist or general physician, there are lots of choices when it comes to the care you receive. While this is a great benefit, it can also be overwhelming if you’re looking for a new specialist. Narrow down your search for a dermatology clinic in Grosse Pointe with these factors:

Modern Image

When you’re dealing with dermatological procedures, you want a clinic that offer the absolute latest in technology. Whether it’s lasers or other equipment, you want the best and the greatest innovations at work for you. Begin your search online. Any advanced clinic will have a professional website that’s filled with images for you to browse and pages of information that answer your questions. If a potential skin care doctor doesn’t have a good website, it might be a sign that they have other outdated practices or equipment too.


Not only is cleanliness important for sterilization and sanitization purposes, but it’s also required for your peace of mind. When you visit the dermatologist for an appointment, you should feel peaceful and pampered, and a big part of this is stepping into a clean, fresh, and serene space. A clean environment shows that the staff cares about their environment and they want to give their patients the very best care, starting from the moment they walk in the door.


Some people feel intimidated by visiting a new practitioner, especially if it’s a type you’ve never visited before. If it’s your first time at the dermatologist, you’ll want to make sure you’re greeted on the phone or in person with a smile and a friendly voice. You’ll want everyone you interact with to take the time to answer your questions and not rush you. This includes everyone from the front desk receptionist to the doctors themselves. Friendly, warm staff will help you relax and enjoy the experience of going in for your treatments.

Best Practices

A good clinic will offer things like free consultation, open communication after a procedure, and follow up care. You should be able to schedule a complimentary consultation at little to no cost where you and the doctor review your needs, your medical history, and the issues you want to resolve. This should be done in a low-pressure way so that you’re free to make a decision on your own. Look for clinics that offer these types of services as part of their standard care.