As one ages, the skin begins to change as a result not only of nature’s effect, but also because of the changes underneath the surface as well. This includes facial tissue layers made up of muscle, bone, and fat. Facial tissue layers begin to age interdependently and this plays a part in how the overall facial appearance changes in response. There are safe and effective solutions available, including Botox injections in Sterling Heights.

Changes in Facial Skin

When the passing of time comes thinner skin, drier skin, and less elasticity; skin may begin to sag or wrinkle. Collagen, the protein which makes up the basic building block of skin, is abundant throughout the body. However, as individuals age, collagen is lost and the middle layer of skin begins to thin out; as a result, skin is not as elastic as it was in the younger years.

While the loss of collagen contributes to changing skin, so too does the redistribution of fat in the face. While some areas gain fat, such as the mouth and the jaw, other parts will lose fat, like the cheek areas. Loss of bone over time causes folds to become more prominent and wrinkles to appear more obvious.

Customized Solutions for Aging Skin

Treatment for wrinkled and damaged skin, when administered by a qualified dermatologist, can greatly decrease the effects of time on the face. One option for patients includes resurfacing, in which the surface of the skin is corrected; an example of this technique is chemical peels. Men and women may opt for a non-invasive treatment, or individuals may find that an injectable is the better choice. These substances include neurotoxins, traditional fillers, and collagen stimulators.

One such filler, whose name may be familiar to many, is Botox. Botox treatments are safe, and when administered by Dr. Balle a board certified dermatologist, can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Botox injections in Sterling Heights are made directly into the muscle, weakening it and minimizing lines.

Trust a Qualified Professional 

For any procedure involving injectable cosmetic fillers, a board certified dermatologist offers safe options. There are possible risks and side effects which need to be thoroughly explored before any treatment is administered, as well as the potential benefits. Cosmetic dermatology has the potential to change what time has caused. Both men and women have options when it comes to treating common skin conditions. Trusting Dr. Balle, an expert dermatologist for care comes with many benefits and potential solutions for a variety skin issues. Whether one is seeking Botox injections in Sterling Heights or light treatment for skin repair, there are safe and effective treatment options for all types of skin issues.