Is LATISSE® For Me?LATISSE® is the only FDA-approved prescription medication proven to enhance eyelashes by increasing fullness, thickness and darkness over a 16-week period. Although LATISSE® does not replace the need for mascara, it can thoroughly enhance your appearance and create a more dramatic look that many patients seek. Keep reading to find out if this procedure is the right choice for you.

How old do I have to be to use LATISSE®? This prescription is FDA-approved for both female and male patients that are at least 18 years old.

If I am pregnant or nursing, can I begin or continue LATISSE® use? It is recommended that use of this medication stops once a woman becomes pregnant, and does not start again until she has finished breast feeding. There haven’t been enough studies to determine whether the product may harm a growing baby or be transferred to a baby through breast milk, so it’s best to avoid LATISSE during pregnancy. The good news is, prenatal vitamins help tremendously with hair growth, so lashes may look fuller during pregnancy even without this treatment.

I wear contact lenses, can I still use LATISSE? Yes you can, however, contacts should be removed before applying the prescription. Contacts can be reinserted 15 minutes after application.

I have sensitive eyes prone to allergies and infection, can I still use LATISSE? If using LATISSE causes eye problems or worsens existing conditions, it is recommended you stop treatment. If you have serious eye problems, ask your dermatologist or ophthalmologist about using LATISSE and the effect it may have on your eye health.


LATISSE® Cosmetic in Grosse Pointe

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