New Year’s resolutions can be an exciting way to make January fun and challenging. For many people, resolutions involve getting in shape or losing weight. Weight loss and toning can boost self-confidence and improve overall appearance, and can help people live longer, healthier lives. But with many people spending more time at home, opportunities for exercise may be limited. Fortunately, a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit can help people meet the challenge of losing fat and building muscle with non-invasive weight-loss and toning procedures such as EMsculpt and CoolSculpting Body Contouring.




EMsculpt is a non-surgical procedure that burns fat and creates muscle definition with focused, high-intensity electromagnetic energy. EMsculpt’s technology is FDA-approved for strengthening and toning the abdomen, triceps, biceps, triceps, glutes, thighs, and calves. The treatment has proven results, making it a highly recommended treatment for meeting weight loss and muscle-building goals. And, EMsculpt treatment takes just a fraction of the time it takes to burn fat and build muscle at the gym, making it easy to keep New Year’s resolutions on track.


How it works


EMsculpt delivers electromagnetic pulses to targeted muscles in problem areas, triggering muscle contractions far more intense than a gym workout. Although EMsculpt’s muscle contractions are similar to how muscles are contracted during a workout, the process is amplified, producing faster results. Generally, patients schedule four treatments over a two-week period with a Detroit cosmetic dermatology practice, with each treatment being at least two or three days apart. Each treatment is non-invasive and pain-free.


EMsculpt works by creating supramaximal muscle contractions that are much stronger than the contractions muscles undergo during regular exercise. Each treatment typically induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in a span of 30 minutes, comparable to performing 20,000 crunches or squats in one exercise session at the gym. Each contraction burns up local fat stores as treated muscles use calories to contract.


Who can benefit?


EMsculpt is ideal for patients who want to sculpt and tone a few problem areas. EMsculpt’s versatility makes it a perfect solution for both men and women who have fatty tissue deposits that refuse to budge, or for those who exercise but are looking for a way to put the finishing touches on gym workouts.


EMsculpt can also reduce abdominal muscle separation sometimes experienced as a result of pregnancy. EMsculpt is the only non-surgical treatment shown to improve abdominal muscle separation.




EMsculpt provides fast, effective results. Clinical studies have shown that just four EMsculpt treatments over the course of two weeks increase muscle mass by about 16% in targeted areas, and reduce fat in targeted areas by about 19%. Follow-up sessions after six months can help to maintain results. Maintenance visits are usually less frequent than the initial four-treatment process; follow-up treatments can range from once a month to once a year, depending on treatment goals.


Side Effects


Some mild muscle soreness is typical after EMsculpt treatments, and rarely, patients may feel fatigued, as though they just finished a difficult workout. However, serious side effects are rare, and because it eliminates lactic acid buildup, EMsculpt actually prevents most patients from feeling too much soreness. There is no required downtime after EMsculpt treatment, and most patients can resume their regularly scheduled activities immediately after a procedure.


A cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit can evaluate patients who are interested in EMsculpt to determine whether the treatment is right for them.


CoolSculpting Body Contouring


CoolSculpting Body Contouring is a non-invasive fat-freezing treatment that gets rid of fat in treated areas of the body. The medical term for the CoolSculpting procedure is “cryolipolysis,” a process that cools fat to a temperature that destroys it while leaving skin and other tissue unharmed. Following treatment, the cooled fat cells begin to shrink in a process called “apoptosis.” Within a few weeks, these dead fat cells are naturally broken down and flushed out through the liver.


CoolSculpting is approved for eliminating fat under the chin, bra line, and buttocks, and in the thigh, abdomen, back, sides, and upper arm areas. While CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity, it eliminates targeted areas of excess fat that don’t easily go away with exercise and diet changes.


How it works


CoolSculpting treatment is typically performed at a cosmetic dermatology office in Detroit, and typically takes between 35 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the areas targeted. The treatment is performed with a wand connected to a cooling machine; vacuum applicators draw the targeted tissue into an applicator cup, and controlled cooling is then applied. During treatment, a patient may feel a slight pulling or tugging on their skin, and an intense cold that usually subsides within minutes as the area numbs. Patients can listen to music, read, or nap during the procedure.




Because it’s noninvasive, CoolSculpting may be a more desirable option than invasive treatments such as liposuction. Coolsculpting is nonsurgical, does not use needles, and does not require anesthesia, and involves no incisions, scarring, or recovery time.


CoolSculpting works without diet changes or hours at the gym, making it even easier to keep New Year’s resolutions on track. And most importantly, CoolSculpting removes fat cells entirely, while diet and exercise merely change the size of fat cells. Fat cells frozen by CoolSculpting can’t expand because the body eliminates them, creating a sculpted look.




CoolSculpting treatment begins to produce results in just a few weeks, with most people seeing full results approximately three months after the procedure. In many cases, one treatment may be enough to meet fat reduction goals, but additional treatments produce even more pronounced results, and many patients opt to have a second treatment three to four months after their first, enhancing initial results and making them even more noticeable.


Side Effects


CoolSculpting may cause a bit of soreness similar to the soreness experienced after a workout. Mild swelling, redness, or bruising may occur, and some patients may have numbness or “pins and needles” sensations in the treated areas for a few days after treatment. However, most side effects are mild, and serious side effects are not common.


Patients interested in finding out more about CoolSculpting can consult a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit to determine whether the treatment is right for them.