VobellaVolbella is one of the most effective ways to increase lip volume.  Comprised of hyaluronic acid (which is a naturally occurring substance in the body already) injections with Volbella are usually comprised of a syringe injection around the lips or the mouth.  It is a relatively new product on the dermal filler market, and though it is popular, many people are still experiencing it for the first time.  Most dermatologists will say that it is a marked improvement compared to other dermal fillers on the market because it is designed specifically for fine lines around the lip and a soft lip enhancement-with a one year duration.  Most patients tend to agree – so anyone in the market for smoother appearance around the mouth should consider Volbella.


Expect A Little Swelling


People that want to try Volbella should know a few things about the procedure and its after-effects.  Like any kind of injection, Volbella will produce some swelling but usually much less swelling than its competitors.  Increased swelling will occur when injections are made directly into the lips (rather than into the skin around it), because lip skin is much more fragile.  Swelling should not last for more than a week and can be mitigated with close attention.  Icing the swollen area should be done after the injection to assist in keeping the swelling down.


Another effective tip to mitigate the swelling is to sleep with an elevated head.  Keeping blood from rushing to the head will limit the amount of swelling as well.


What Kind Of Swelling?


Swelling from Juvederm products like Volbella are designed to bring fluid from elsewhere in the body to support the injection site.  Temporary swelling will usually affect the area between the lips and nose. Within a few days the swelling will decrease and the results will be full-bodied lips.


These are all standard elements of Volbella injections.  There is no need to be concerned about the lip swelling; it’s all part of the procedure, and the amount of swelling is determined by where the injection is.  Some people will get an injection in the morning and head to work in the afternoon.  This is the beauty of Volbella: it is specially designed to provide gorgeous voluptuous lips that look natural.