Many people are considering getting EMsculpt to help them improve the look of their body without undergoing any invasive procedures. This type of cosmetic dermatology in Detroit can help people tone and lift the body with relative ease. There are many benefits that could be enjoyed by those who opt to use this procedure. For those who are interested, it is first important to have a better understanding of what EMsculpt entails.

What is EMsculpt?

This procedure makes use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM, to provide patients with results. The therapy causes the muscles to contract. However, the contractions are far stronger than they would be if someone were just to flex their muscles. While it seems like a simple concept, it can provide some impressive results. The muscle tissues are contracting in ways that they are not accustomed to. When this happens, they start to change and adapt. This causes the body to start building more muscle. As the patient starts to gain more muscle from the therapy, they are “sculpting” the body they want to have.

Biggest Benefits of EMsculpt

Why would people want to consider using this option to help improve the look of their bodies? While there’s no reason to stop working out, the results from EMsculpt are impressive, and it can often provide far better results than just going to the gym alone. Each session of the therapy causes the muscles to contract and work more than they would during a typical workout.

There is also the benefit of improved metabolism. The procedure helps people to gain more muscle, which can help with increasing metabolism. Many who have used the therapy have found that they are experiencing more weight loss than they thought they would.

In addition to being used for cosmetic dermatology in Detroit, it could also help to boost the speed of muscle recovery. Athletes have used the therapy to help rebuild and strengthen muscles that have been injured. As mentioned earlier, this is a non-invasive procedure that affects only the muscles. There is no need to worry about a procedure that could create a lot of downtime. The sessions tend to be short, which means there is no need to worry about spending a lot of time at your cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit.

Sometimes, patients who have gone through the procedure will find that they have sore muscles when they are done with a session. However, this tends to be mild and is no more troubling than having sore muscles after a typical workout. The soreness occurs for the same reason that muscles get sore post-workout—the contractions of the muscle cause lactic acid buildup.

Patients will also be pleased to know that results appear quickly. In some cases, the results are noticeable after just one session. However, it will usually take between two and four weeks after completion of the final session to see the most impressive results. When compared with other types of body sculpting techniques, such as typical workouts, these results are quite fast.


What to Do Before Arriving for Treatment

Due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, patients will be happy to know that there are no special pre-treatment procedures or protocols they need to follow. Instead, they just need to be sure they arrive for their appointment on time. They should not have any issues driving themselves home, either. If there are any recommendations, the cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit will let patients know before they arrive.

The procedure itself is virtually painless. It uses electromagnetic frequencies to cause strong contractions, which tend to feel like an intense workout. As mentioned, a little soreness could occur after the procedure, but it is normal. The sessions are usually about half an hour long. Be sure to arrive early for the treatment.

One of the common questions that patients ask is how many treatments they will need for this manner of cosmetic dermatology in Detroit. Most of the time, there will need to be at least four treatments. The dermatologist can let you know the number of treatments that would work best for you. Each session will be scheduled between two and three days apart. The doctors can set up a plan that works well with the patient’s schedule to provide as little disruption as possible.

Who Should Consider This Type of Cosmetic Dermatology in Detroit?

One of the worries that some people have is that they aren’t good candidates for EMsculpt. However, that’s not typically something that is a concern with this type of procedure. It can work well for any gender. Most people will find that they are a candidate. Since the procedure is simple and fast, and because it is non-invasive, most people should qualify. Of course, it is always a good idea to consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit to be sure that EMsculpt is the right choice.

Having a consultation with the dermatologist is a good time to learn more about the procedure, what to expect, and to check out the other options they have for treatments for improving the body, skin, and reducing the appearance of aging.

Choose a Quality Cosmetic Dermatologist in Detroit for EMsculpt

Although it is important to strive to have a healthy diet and to exercise regularly, this is not always enough to get the body that people want. There could be stubborn areas that aren’t changing even after a lot of work. In those cases, it is a good idea to speak with a cosmetic dermatologist in Detroit about EMsculpt. It could be the ideal solution for getting the body they’ve always wanted.

It is also important to note that not just any dermatologist will do. This is a specialized procedure, so those interested in it will need to find a clinic that specializes in this procedure. EMsculpt is a quick and painless way to tone muscles and improve appearance. Contact a qualified dermatologist who has experience with EMsculpt for more information.