Menopause and Your SkinMenopause is a natural change that typically happens in women over 45 years of age. Menopause is the term used to refer to a woman who is no longer able to menstruate or become pregnant due to an abrupt change in hormonal production in the body. However, menopause can have a significant impact on your skin as well as other aspects of your appearance. Here is a look into what menopause does to the cells of your body’s largest organ — your skin!

Physically, menopause causes many changes. Bones become brittle, skin becomes flaky, transparent, and wrinkles are inevitable. Some women even experience thinning hair. Skin cells become more porous and retain less moisture after age 45 than previous years. Loss of estrogen (the female hormone) and collagen cause facial aging.

When we are born, our skin cells are 75% water, at full maturity, water content in our cells drops to 50%, and this decrease rapidly excels after age 45. But what can you do to combat the effects menopause has on your skin? Maintaining a healthy diet and regularly exercising helps, as well as changing your daily skin care regimen to fit the needs of an aging woman. There are various cosmetic dermatology treatments you can try as well to look and feel younger!

Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial to your overall health, but it can also have a positive impact on your skin! The Mediterranean Diet — rich in estrogen and healthy fats — is one of the best diets out there that focuses on radiant beautiful skin. Foods high in estrogen are broccoli, cabbage, and soy products. Foods high in healthy fats are salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts. Whole grains are also good for the skin, and Vitamin C can help protect your skin from sun damage.

Exercise is imperative to remaining healthy, but something as little as walking 3 days a week is enough to keep your skin glowing.

Daily Skin Care Regimen

The skin care routine you developed in your teen years and used throughout most of your adult life is no longer what you should be following for your aging skin. Ask a dermatologist to recommend products that will help your skin retain moisture, and are high in retinoids to help lessen the visibility of age spots and peptides to help stimulate collagen production for a firmer, more youthful appearance.


Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

Ask your dermatologist if your skin would benefit from laser resurfacing, light therapy, facial fillers and injectables like BOTOX® Cosmetic, microdermabrasion, body contouring or vein treatments.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Grosse Pointe
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