While herbal and natural remedies have been around for as long as humankind, most people chose to ignore them and opt for traditional care from a emdical professional. However, in some cases anything from skin rashes to infections can be treated with herbal remedies that cost less money and are virtually harmless to the body.

Aloe Vera

Anyone suffering from a painful sunburn would be well advised to try rubbing aloe vera on the discomfort. Aloe vera is a plant that is known to have special healing capabilities and is available in gel form and as a moisturizer. It is best used as a topical pain reliever and provides a cooling sensation to the skin when applied. When shopping for aloe vera products, be sure to read the ingredient list carefully. Many products state that they use aloe vera, but only in very small amounts. It is better to spend a little bit more money to find a product that is made nearly entirely from aloe vera and other natural ingredients. Keep in mind that more serious skin problems should also be treated by a trained dermatologist in Sterling Heights.

Arnica Flower

Best for would healing, arnica flower is a natural pain reliever that can also assist in lessening inflammation. Arnica flower is often recommended for use by people with bruising or swelling associated with trauma or surgery. In addition, arnica flower can be used to treat insect bites, small skin abrasions and for joint pain.


Long touted for its health benefits, chamomile can be used to treat nearly any ailment ranging from high blood pressure to gingivitis to itchy skin from poison ivy. It can be taken orally in the form of a tea or the leaves can be spread over a wound or skin infection for the same benefits.


Although more commonly used as a spice for food, cayenne can also be used to treat a myriad of health problems including lung disorders, stomach ulcers, high blood pressures and skin infections. Cayenne contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that can naturally aid a person’s recovery process from any of the afrementioned ailments.


First used by the earlist settlers to the New World to treat small cuts, comfrey is still used today as an antiseptic and a disinfectant. Found in a a tea tree, it is important to remember that the oil found in the leaf may be toxic to swallow and should only be applied to a person’s skin.

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